ASCEN Pin insertion machine component feeder is a special automatic radial lead cutting machine,radial component insertion feeder designed to cut and bend radial taped components to customer’s specifications,and then holds these component so that the robot can pick them up online or link to the Universal/Yamaha/Assembleon/Panasonic/JUKI/Fuji/NXT through hole automatic component insertion machine for automated feeding operation.

Pin insertion machine component feeder Features:
Integrated lead cutting and bending component feeder unit
Wide component range
Easy adjustment
Excellent price-performance ratio
Intelligent communication with placement system
Easy user interface
With PLC control system
Customized steps, please tell us following question:
1.Provide the physical picture for the material and the material size and then to quote.
2.If your component feeding require the specified direction.Please describe. 
3.When confirm item,please send us the odd-form through hole part sample to do precision measurement,we need do test for the fitting insertion machine feeder before our delivery.

ASCEN inserter radial tape feeder AF-R series
Component type Electrolytic capacitor,Y capacitor,square capacitor,terminal,spring,bending resistance
Component size 2*2*2~15*15*30mm
Cutting lead diameter 0.3~1mm
Cutting lead length 3-6mm(can adjustable)
Tape hole distance 12.7m or 15mm (cannot be shared)
Material type Radial tape type material
Feeding type Motor drive
Cutting lead function Can adjust cutting lead length
Forming function Need customized die via lead distance
Bending function Can do the 90 degree bending (optional)
Position way Use segmentation slice
Waste Tape recycle Feeding wheel return back transfer
Power 24V
Air pressure 0.4~0.6Mpa
Operation way Keys operation
Signal connection SMEMA port
communication mode I/O port or independent control
Control way PLC control system
Drive mode Stepper motor
Feeding speed 1S
Feeding precision ±0.2mm
Feeding detection function If no component be detected over 3 sec. The machine will alarm
Feeder test 1000 times continuous feeding without abnormal
    Aging Test No abnormality after continuous operation for 48 hours
Life time About 5 years
Cutter life 5 million times(cutting cutter is the consumables)
Any question please email to:

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