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ASCEN mini PCB loader can as a loader or PCB unloader or buffer/conveyor to cyclic loading or unloading PCB via the placed position.

Product Details
Mini PCB loader can be customized to be the unloading machine or buffer or conveyor via your requirement, and mainly use for cyclic loading the PCB board for the full automatic smt assembly line. This type loader machine with a small volume and especially popular to save more space and labor cost in the SMT assembly line. 
About the mini PCB loader how to save more space for your SMT assembly line, Please check our technical application detail for”Using mini PCB loader to save more space for your SMT assembly line
* Omron /Mitsubishi PLC Control system and with high stable performance
* FUJI button and LED touch screen operation options available
* Easy to operate key control interface
* Can satisfy maximum capacity for 50 pieces of PCB board and same as the standard PCB magazine loader 

mini PCB loader

* Only need 0.25 square of space,minimize clearance between conveyor,greatly save the space in the SMT assembly line.

Mini PCB unloader

* Double cycle tank chain structure. Aluminum structure, Bottom weight design, not easy to shift.

Minitype PCB loader

* Automatic material transfer by screw roller, the lifting power is driven by a geared motor through a frequency converter.Lifting drive adopts 30mm guide rail and ball screw drive.and to achieve the high precision automatic transfer.

minitype PCB unloader
* Using the OMRON sensor,and with the standard SMEMA port

Mini PCB buffer loader

* Use multiple sound and light and touch screen alarm function

Mini PCB loading machine

* Steel frame, static painted surface,smoothest and stablest operation, and with the extra lockers

PCB mini loading machine

* CE certified

   Please go to see the video for using the PCB mini loader connect the paste solder printer on the SMT assembly line


Item Scope of application
Model number:                                 (Coating conveyor type) AM-250LD  
Dimensions(L*W*H) 500*475*1650mm
PCB Width 450L*(50-250mm)W
Conveyor Height 900+/-20mm
Transfer type Chain type  
PCB Direction L-R(R-L)
Conveyor Speed 6s
Starting power/ no-load power 50W
Power Supply 1P AC220V 50/60HZ
power consumption Approx.50W
Track length 500mm 
Weight Approx.100Kg
Note: please confirm us the following detail when you inquiry:
1, What is your Max.PCB size? 

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