N95 mask edge sealing machine also named ultrasonic Mask edge banding machine or N95 mask edge welding machine,it use of ultrasonic vibration frequency,heat generated by contact friction to melt non-metal materials and combine,Semi-automatic mask edge welding machine use for N95 mask making can save over 20% of cost, time saving, convenience.Raise the productivity, guarantee reliable quality, and the welding seam forms good shape.

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face mask production line solution

N95 mask edge ultrasonic welding machine Main Feature:
Big power,four-point balance adjustment,convenient horn-alignment
-The sheet metal welding square column to avoid leaning back
-Welding amplitude 60-100% adjustable (5% accuracy), amplitude compensation
-High-speed switching work up to 180 times per minute, secondary vibration, suitable for welding various non-standard automation equipment
-When the output sound wave is overloaded, the output is automatically cut off, and the corresponding components are prompted to be checked to effectively protect the circuit
-Powerful functions, high quality, high welding stability