1) This PCB magazine unloader mainly use for separate the NG PCB on the SMT assembly line

2)The PCB NG/OK magazine unloader is connected to the back of AOI/SPI and has horizontal movement and go-through functions.

3)When the OK and NG PCB board after being tested by AOI/SPI machine can be separated and sent to the PCB magazine rack, so that the PCB can be protected better and achieve the intelligent processing.

* Omron /Mitsubishi PLC intelligent control system with LED touch screen control, easy to operate.
* Swift and smooth retraction/extension of conveyor (frequency inverter controller).
* Magazine NG OK PCB unloader has the following features: sound-light alarm when fault occurs, automatic fault diagnosis.
* Connecting AOI or ICT/SPI allow distinguish good PCBs from NG PCBs by signal. 
* Good and defective PCBs can be stored separated automatically with PCB magazine rack.
* The upper and lower air clamps ensure the location of the material box accurately
* The top safety caps can be opened for machine hardware maintenance and ensure the highest security level 
* With ESD belt for PCB belt conveyor of PCB NG OK magazine rack unloader. 
* With stable width adjustment device (manual screw control or width automatic adjustment selectable ).
* CE certified

PLease go this link  SMT NG PCB magazine unloader to learn more about the PCB NG magazine unloader machine how to operate on your SMT assembly line

Manufacturer: ASCEN technology

Standard: CE