The 3D PCB vision measurement machine has three ways of manual measurement, CNC scanning measurement and automatic learning measurement, and the three modes of modules can be superimposed for compound measurement. It can be scanned to create a bird's-eye map to achieve full screen target traction, and the generated graphics of the measurement results are synchronized with the image map. It can click on the graphics auto back, full screen eagle eye enlargement. The corrected imaging error can be corrected and corrected by any measured size through the standard, thereby improving the accuracy of key data batches. The automatic image measuring instrument has friendly man-machine interface, which supports multiple selection and learning correction.

vision measurement machine
1. 3D PCB vision measurement machine equipped with RS - 232 interface, after connect with computer, using special measuring software M2D of surveying and mapping graphics processing and output;
2. Instrument by color CCD camera, zoom objective and generator as measuring aiming system;
3. Grating feet and DC - 3000 electricity box composition digital measurement and data processing system;
4. The vision measurement instrument has a variety of data processing, display, input and output functions,especially the work piece adjust function very practical, Users can according to their respective needs to optional printer and different measuring aiming systems. 

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CNC Optical Vision Measuring application.