N95 mask forming machine has aluminum alloy rack. The appearance is light and beautiful.It adopts PLC control system to automatic feeding,it greatly improves production efficiency, reduces workers and reduces costs. It can finish making the figuration at one time with the precision moulds. With imported high power ultrasonic it can weld firmly and waste materials will be outputted automatically. The computer program control and photoelectric detection make it have a high reliability and low failure rate.

N95 mask forming making machine
N95 mask forming machine Main Feature:
N95 mask forming making machine adopts JAPAN MISTUBISHI brand PLC,SERVO MOTOR,SERVO DRIVER,INVERTER,SENSOR,etc. Excellent stable electronic control system. 
1. Woven Roll Feeding Station
Automatically Unwinding roll woven material, three or more layers of non-woven, one layer of flannelette
2. Impression Cylinder Presser
Use custom designed mould cylinder to Press together multiple layers of woven at the same time Knurled cut out mask pattern sample by ultrasonic wave device 
3.Nose bridge bar cutting and inlaying unit
Mask forming making system sending,cutting and inlaying mask nose bridge bar into the inter layer before cylinder press
4. Mask woven hob cutter unit
Final step on semi-auto machine which cuts the woven into pieces and automatically collect the  waste woven
N95 mask making machine work flow:
1.Mask non-woven roll material unwinding and feeding 
2.N95 mask nose bridge bar cutting and inserting 
3.Rolling drawing and Ultrasonic welding for blank shape fusion 
4.Edge material collection  

If you want to know more details about how to build a whole N95 mask production line, please refer to this article, face mask production line solution

N95 mask forming machine standard Specification
Machine name N95 mask forming making machine
Machine Material Health Level Stainless Steel
Dimension 3950mm(L)*850mm(W)*2100mm(H)
Weight 500KGS
Controlling PLC Programming and Servo Motors
Welding Systems Ultrasonic Wave
Steady Capacity 60-120 pcs/min
Voltage AC 3P 380/220V 50/60HZ (Customizable)
Air Pressure 0.6-0.7Mpa
Power Consumption 5KW
Operator 1 or 2