ASCEN NFM series full automatic N95 mask making production line solution SKXD-KQZ02 model

N95 folding mask making production line is an automatic machine for the production of folding mask. The whole production line uses ultrasonic technology to bond 3~5 layers PP non-woven fabric, activated carbon and filter material, and then uses ultrasonic technology to cut out the folding mask body, and has automatic mechanism to realize automatic welding ear band and other advanced technology.Depending on the raw materials used, the masks produced can meet different standards such as FFP1、FFP2、N95. Ear loop is comfortable, no pressure; the filter effect of mask filter layer is good.Suitable for cutting off the virus, and also construction, mining and other high pollution industries.
Full-automatic N95 mask making production line Feature:
1)Production line with the automatic counting function, It can effectively control the production efficiency and production schedule.
2)With variable frequency control function,it can adjust the running speed of the mask making equipment according to the actual needs.
3)The full automatic mask making equipment with high degree of automation, Computer PLC programming control, servo drive,the request to the operation staff is low, only need to load material and clear up the product.
4)Modular, user-friendly design and easy to maintenance.
N95 folding mask making production line
N95 mask making machine work flow:
1.Mask non-woven roll material loading
Automatically Unwinding roll woven material, three or more layers of non-woven, one layer of flannelette
N95 mask making machine

2.N95 mask forming 
Include Nose bridge cutting and inserting,welding filter hold cutting,mask mold compress.Use custom designed mould cylinder to Press together multiple layers of woven at the same time Knurled cut out mask pattern sample by ultrasonic wave device
folding mask production line
3.Text printing (optional/customized)
4.Ear loop welding system
Sending,Cutting and Inlaying mask nose bridge bar into the inter layer before cylinder press
and then ultrasonic welding for blank shape mask mold
N95 mask making ear loop welding machine
6.Mask cutting and waste disposal system
Include rolling depression,folding,heat sealing,edge material collection and so on.
full automatic N95 mask making production line

KQZ02 series semi-automatic production vs Fully Automatic Mask Production Machine in the Market
How to choose a face mask production machine for the N95/FFP2 folding mask? 
From the feedback of our customers,they are Stability,Leadtime,Total Investment(not only the mask making machine line itself,also the raw materials and etc.),and the production capacity,here we compare our KQZ02 series making machine with the Automatic Mask Production Line in the Market,that’s why we recommend KQZ02 series semi-automatic solution over the full automatic one,especially for those new participents who have limited or no experience in manufacturing medical face mask before.
Item  Semi-automatic production line NFM series full automatic production line
Stability High
Simple structure, manual cooperation with machine, low probability of problem

Complex structure, multiple machines  (1 mask sheeter, 1 slicer, 2 mask welding lines), the probability of problems is high, one machine has a problem, the entire line stops
Leadtime 7-10 Days 20-25 days

Small footprint, flexible configuration of personnel and earloop welding machine, simple commissioning and short time
Large area, need to hire professionals to commission, long set-up time, difficult
Capacity 50-70 Pcs/Min 40-50 Pcs/Min
Email to ASCEN team:

1) The stability of full-automatic line depend on assembly calibrating before delivery and the installation adjustment after delivery.If your factory no the automation skilled worker,when the full-automatic line is unstable after installation, will often shut down, the loss is huge
2) The sooner you invest in production,the less for the budget,the less the risk and the huge the return. 
3) A full-automatic N95 mask making production line has less labor but is limited by the cooperation degree of each machine. Generally, it can reach 40 ~ 70 pcs/min. The main body of the KQZ02 Semi-automatic production line can run at high speed, and the production capacity depends on how many workers are welding the earloops. At present, the cost of labor is very small compared to the revenue of masks.