Manufacturing this valved special N95 folding mask that need choose the semi automatic N95 mask production line and use the different type surgical N95 folding making machine equipment
Surgical N95 mask making

The above N95 folding mask with the breather valve,the N95 mask use the wear button device to replace the head loop welding.the N95 mask compositive material include one more layer thicken cotton loop for touch the skin.please check the following processing for making this special N95 folding mask.
1,Use the N95 folding mask making machine for forming processing.please click here to check more detail for the N95 folding mask forming making machine

Please check the following video. 
N95 mask forming making machine
2,After the forming process, this N95 folding mask has one black thicken cotton loop layer,it need customized one set of die that similar following picture according the cotton loop shape.and then use the mask cutting machine for cutting to finish this layer.the mask cutting machine is the optional device for the N95 folding mask making equipment.please check the mask cutting machine video as the following:
medical surgical mask cutting machine

3,Need customized one set of mould for this N95 folding shape that you want,and then place the wear button and the cotton loop in the mask mould,and use the ASCEN cup mask edge welding machine for welding the edge and the wear button together.please check the following similar video:
N95 cup mask edge welding machine

4,After finish the edge welding and the wear button welding,the next step choose ASCEN breather valve installation machine for processing,the valve installation machine can punching hole and assembling the valve for the N95 folding machine,that is the optional equipment for the N95 mask production line.please refer the machine operation video as the following:

5,In the end is do the folding welding by the ASCEN ultrasonic edge banding Machine,please click here ASCEN ultrasonic edge banding Machine to know more detail, please refer following this machine operation video:

Need manufacturing the above valved special N95 folding mask,the whole set of semi automatic Surgical N95 mask making machine need include the N95 folding mask making machine,mask cutting machine, breather valve installation machine,ultrasonic edge banding Machine,total 4 type mask making equipment.ASCEN team design different cup mask making machine solution for different type N95 respirator, 3M respirator,8210 cup mask filter mask,N95 dust mask respirator,dust filter mask.

Please see the following our cup style mask sample produced by our mask making machine.
N95 respirator production line machine

Click here Face Mask making Machine, you can see the video showing all kinds of mask production line equipment operation. If you still have other question about making the mask, Please sent us the mask sample picture you want produce and inquiry our ASCEN engineer team Email: