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ASCEN PCB board magazine storage system is high end PCB magazine loader,which be applied to high speed marking line/auto SMT line or PCB depaneling processing.can keep place 3 magazine working.PCB magazine loader meets demand of high-end manufacturing

Product Details
ASCEN PCB board magazine storage system is used for providing pcb to following machine according to producing requirement in the starting process of on-line smt manufacturing line,this is high grade PCB magazine loader equipment with SMEMA protocol is applied for communication.

This PCB loader not same as the common magazine loader in the market.the high end PCB loader equip the high speed lift tower and intelligent magazine storage system.the loader can intelligent variable speed according working condition,the intelligent magazine storage system can keep place 3 magazine working at the same time.this PCB magazine loader meets the demand of high-end manufacturing in European and American very popular be applied to high speed marking line/automatic SMT line or PCB depaneling processing line.Because the beautiful apperance and the high safety control performance.The SMT production line equip ASCEN high end PCB magazine loader,it is very easy to pass factory safety audit from your customer.  

Please click here ASCEN high end PCB board magazine storage system to see the operation video,you will know more about the PCB loader how to quickly loading the PCB panel to the SMT production line.
1)With intelligent acceleration and deceleration functions,with shorter magazine change-over time(less than 22 sec)
2)Use high precision ball screw and high speed motor drive system
3)Component height: Top 30mm, bottom 30mm (depends on pitch)
4)Total number of magazines:1 magazines on the lifter platform, 1 empty magazines on the upper conveyor, 1 full magazines on the lower conveyor
5)With the optional width adjustment automatically for the Unmanned intelligent production line
6)Omron /Mitsubishi PLC Control system and with high stable performance
7)LED touch screen operation options available
8)No PCB breakage guaranty during loading & unloading
9)90W brake motor drive with ball screw make Magazine, step into the elevator.
10)With SMEMA communication interface, can be connected with other automation equipment.
11)Four step pitches selection (10,20,30,40mm)
12)Can with the multiple magazine rack(optional) 
13)CE certified

Model NO. HY-250LD HY-330LD HY-390LD Customized large model for the bigger PCB board
PCB size(mm) (L*W)-(L*W)        (50*50)-(350*250) (50*50)-(350*330) (50*50)-(350*390)
Machine  Size(mm) (L*W*H) 1100*820*1300 1400*860*1200 1500*920*1200
Magazine Size (mm) (L*W*H) 355*320*565 460*400*565 535*460*565
Weight(kg) Approx. 150kg Approx.190kg Approx.230kg

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