• Automated conformal coating machine
    Automated conformal coating machine

    This Automated conformal coating machine integrates the sciences and technologies of hydrodynamics,spraying and coating technologies,motor control technology,which has a good performance of automation,high accuracy,high efficiency,and high stability....

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  • PCB Selective coating by machine
    PCB Selective coating by machine

    PCB Selective coating by machine is designed for the smart, automatic,selective coating of conformal coating material.ASCEN designs and manufacturers PCB selective conformal coating machine for the printed circuit board industry.The product line inclu...

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  • Multi-axis conformal coating machine
    Multi-axis conformal coating machine

    Providing unique Multi-axis conformal coating machine for all of the different coating material technologies is one of ASCEN Technologies specialties.We can provide custom conformal coating machine for any PCB conformal coating application process....

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  • selective conformal coating systems
    selective conformal coating systems

    Conformal coating is commonly used for electronics protection.It is applied on printed circuit boards (PCB) and related equipment,to prevent electrostatic discharge (ESD).selective conformal coating systems is designed for the smart,automatic,selectiv...

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  • Conformal coating dispensing machines
    Conformal coating dispensing machines

    Our Conformal coating dispensing machines is capable of applying many different types of coating materials at high speed. Our equipment is customizable,allowing us to meet the needs of each project.PCB coating machine is used to paint conformal coatin...

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  • conformal coating dip machine for PCB
    conformal coating dip machine for PCB

    ASCEN conformal coating dip machine for PCB applying a fluid resin matrix to protect the sensitive components.By being electrically insulating,conformal coating maintains long-term surface insulation resistance (SIR) levels and thus ensures the operat...

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