Conformal coating is commonly used for electronics protection.It is applied on printed circuit boards (PCB) and related equipment,to prevent electrostatic discharge (ESD).selective conformal coating systems is designed for the smart,automatic,selective coating of conformal coating material.the conformal coating is not only electrically insulating but also anti-corrosive.because the components are easy subject to moisture or other words,use the PCB conformal coating machine to coat processed that is necessary onto PCB assembly

conformal coating dip machine for PCB
Fully Automatic Selective Coating Machine

The whole selective conformal coating dispensing production line include:PCB magazine loader+PCB conveyor+PCB conformal coating system+UV light PCB conveyor+PCB UV curing machine+PCB conveyor+PCB magazine unloader
selective conformal coating systems CF-630 model Main Features: 
1.X, Y, Z, and three-axis movements enable accurate selective spraying of various PCB boards away from uncoated areas such as connectors.
2.Accurately achieve a variety of circuit board selective area spraying.
3.It can realize multi-track spraying such as spot coating, line spraying and curve spraying, and can complete the spraying process of high-density and complex circuit boards.
4.It can effectively and evenly coat the edge of the device, eliminating the shadowing effect of spraying.
5.The system accuracy is ±0.01 mm.
6.Whole plate conformal coating machine with high speed, high reliability, high stability of the drive and control system.
7.There are three types of precision nozzles available for customers to choose from. The standard equipment also carries two nozzles. This two nozzles can realize automatic switching and cooperation of spraying operations, and can achieve high-density and complex circuit board spraying and dispensing processes.
8.The device is equipped with intelligent automatic widening and narrowing functions (the width of the input board can be adjusted automatically).
9.Programming mode: software program with data input automatic programming; handle manually enter any track automatic programming mode
10.PCB conformal coating system with the waste gas collection,educator,which reduce the iritant gas discharge fficiently.

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selective conformal coating systems CF-630 model Specifications:

Model AC-CF630
Dimensions L1300mm*W1300mm*H1700mm
Weight 500kg
Moving parts X,Y,Z axis sever motor driving
Control mode Industrial PC & Motion Controller
Programming Manual Teaching Or CAD Data Imported
Program capacity >1000
PCB conveyor height 900±20mm
Operation System Industrial IPC With WINDOWS XP System/Above
Conveyor speed 0-10000mm/min
Conveyor direction L to R, R to L
Conveyor motor Two stepper motors
PCB Max. size 450*450mm
PCB width adjustment way Manual adjust
PCB height Max 70mm
Width adjustment mode Smart auto adjust
Adjustment drive mode Stepper motor+ double screw rod
X, Y, Z drive mode Japan Fuji servo motor+ accurate screw rod module
X, Y, Z max speed 800mm/s
X/Y working precision 0.2mm
Z working precision 0.02mm
PCB Max.component height Max.70mm
Valve One spray valve, one needle valve
Charging bucket One 10L stainless steel pressure tank with stir function+ one little stainless steel pressure tank for cleaning
Cleansing function yes
Illumination function yes
Inspection way LED UV inspection available
 Voltage 220V
Power 1.8KW
Air pressure 0.4Mpa-0.6Mpa