PCB cutting machine manual for quickly adjust PCB depaneling width


PCB cutting machine with the width changeover devise that can through the cylinder expansion principle to control the fix tray to achieve the fast changeover the PCB depaneling width.
When your PCB board with different V-cut width, use this type PCB cutting machine can changeover the cutting width quickly, can greatly to save your more time for depaneling operation. For example, if you PCB board with the PCB edge,use the standard PCB cutting machine, you need manual to adjust the fix tray to suitable for your PCB edge width and your PCB stripes width again and again. This type machine can help you avoid the repetitive adjustment operation and avoid the wrong happen during your adjustment.   

Width Adjustment choose: 
Max.5-30mm width
Max.5-70mm width
Max.5-100mm width
(the user can choose the width adjust range via your PCB stripes width)
The key adjustment button as following:

Please check the following PCB cutting machine operation video for adjust different PCB board width according the following manual detail 

1, Connect the air to the filter tap


2, Loose the screw on the right side and the left side, total 4 pieces of screw for ready to adjustment.

3, Check the following picture as the PCB sample.


There is total 2 PCB width need to adjust, one width is 10mm as the PCB edge, another width is the 15mm as the PCB stripes. At first, we start to adjust the less PCB width 10mm.
(note: the above video operation, because the sample PCB without the less PCB width, the operator adjust the bigger PCB at first,that is depend on your pcb board) 
1)Put the PCB board into the machine, and the three upper blade into the V-cut .

2)Adjust the Knob A of right side and left side to let the gap more and more small until satisfy the width A.


3)Cut off the PCB edge(width A), and then put the PCB board into the machine,let the blade into the V-cut of width B, and fix the width B, the next step to adjust the knob B of right side and left side,to let the fix tray satisfy for the width B.(same as the last step)

4,When finish this 2 type width adjustment, please place the pcb board into the machine and try to cut again and again, and further confirm the width adjustment whether ok for the PCB board.
5,When finish the above adjustment, please tighten this 4 piece of screw on the right side and left side, and then start to normal work.

   Have you alreadly understand to use this type PCB cutting machine to quickly adjust your PCB depaneling width?Any more question please sent the inquiry to ASCEN team.

   The standard PCB cutting machine detail pleae check the link for: https://www.ascen.ltd/Products/PCB_board_assembly_system/PCB_depaneling_/136.html