high speed PCB cutting machine as pcb separation equipment mainly use for the PCB assembly in the large mass production with the high efficiency and save a lots of labor for the manufacturer. Most of time,one set of this type PCB V-cut separator can satisfy for the 3-5 SMT line output. Almost cover the PCB cutting in the whole factory

high speed PCB cutting machine mainly use for the PCB assembly in the large mass production with the high efficiency and save a lots of labor for the manufacturer.

Please check the following video for online version fully automatic PCB separator
high speed PCB cutting machine Features:
1)This high speed PCB cutting machine with 2 separation module and 3 separation module optional via the PCB board material.The whole cutting process is divided into 2 or 3 stages. The stress of the cutting process can be reduced by 80% than the traditional one-cut process for the small cutting quantity each time. And the edges of the board are quite smooth and won’t bend and twist after cutting.
2)Mitsubishi PLC intelligent control system with International universal SMEMA interface,easy to connect with upstream machine and easy to monitor PCB depaneling information.(optional)
3)The high speed PCB cutting machine with the automatic feeding system(optional)
4)The trimming process depanalizers with the conveying system and the speed can be adjusted(optional)
5)The distance between upper and lower cutter can be precisely adjusted, the separating
thickness of PCB range is : 0.8MM-3.0MM.
6)PCB depaneler can separate single PCB width is 8-30mm, suitable the Max.PCB panel with 250mm
7)Suitable cutting material of PCB :aluminum ,FR4,glass fiber.
8)Unique bar design, can quickly separating the edge of the LED board, for the development of LED aluminum substrate, also suitable for other long LED panel and the PCBA processing.

high speed PCB cutting machine Specification:
Item Scope of application
Model number
(PCB depaneling)
Dimensions(L*W*H) 2160*570*1050mm
Cutting speed 200-400mm/s
Power 500W
PCB Board thickness 0.2-3mm
Maximum PCB board length Unlimited
Maximum cutting width 280mm
Minimum cutting width 8mm
Minimum cutting length 250mm
Working temperature 10-35 degree
PCB maximum component height 15mm
Power Supply 1P AC220V 50Hz or 110V/60Hz
Weight Approx.382Kg
1.Can customized the bigger cutting width for the PCB board with high component.
2.Can customized 3 cutting module for your PCB board with better cutting effect
3.Can customized this multi blade PCB depaneling machine with the automatic version to connect the automatic SMT line.  


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