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ASC-3500 robotic PCB router equipped with high-speed CCD automatic vision correction system,PCB cut router suitable for any shape of PCB,PCB depaneling router with dual mesa motion,it can simultaneously perform board cutting and PCBA

Product Details
ASC-3500 Robotic PCB router equipped with high-speed CCD automatic vision correction system,which greatly improves cutting accuracy and operation efficiency.The high-speed spindle is used as the cutting board of PCB,with small stress and high accuracy, and suitable for any shape of PCB.PCB depaneling router with dual mesa motion,it can connect the robot arm to replace the manual operation,Robot arm can simultaneously perform board cutting and circuit board placement to improve operation efficiency.
1)The PCB cutting router equipped with broken knife detection function,after broken the knife,the PCB router alarm,at the meantime,the main shaft automatically stop running,stop to continue depaneling PCB board.
2)PCB router equipped MES or ERP connect port,the router machine can connect to the centralised database system for real time monitoring.
3)The pcb cut router has high efficiency dust collecting device, low noise, high efficiency and easy maintenance.
4)ASC-3500 PCB router has the Windows operating system is safe, stable,easy to learn and easy to use.
5)This robotic PCB depaneling router can connect the robot arm to replace the manual pick and place PCB board,please click here to see the robot arm PCB router operation video.

Please click here double station PCB router to go to see the machine operation video detail,you will know the machine how to work for your PCBA, you also can customized this model to the automatic feeding version PCB cutting router.
Product application:
1)A full range of high-speed CCD vision counter aligning devices,especially for high precision and high productivity PCB sub board operation.
2)Suitable for mobile phones,vehicle electronics,GPS,boards and other small multi linked board PCB sub board.
3)Enlarge the size and apply to the board processing of large PCB such as DTV,PC host, workstation,server,etc.
4)The standard fixture or special fixture can be used to assist the production of cutting boards.
5)PCB router using dual work platform to place workpiece,reduce waiting time and increase production capacity.
Setting Fixture 2 stations(can optional single station)
Working Area X:330mm, Y:350mm, Z:60mm
Cutting Area Max:X:250mm, Y:350mm Min:X:100mm, Y:100mm Z:15mm
PCB Component Height Top side:15mm Bottom side:45mm(with specific jig)
PCB Thickness 0.5 to 2.0 mm(It’s necessary to contact Aurotek in advance for over 2mm)
Router Bit Diameter 0.8 ~ 2.0 mm(Option:Over 2.0mm)
Precision of Cutting ± 0.08 mm
Positioning Accuracy ± 0.01mm
Positioning Repeatability ± 0.02mm
Number of Axis in use 3-7 Axis (X, YL, YR, Z, Carry, P/P, Conveyor).
Driving Speed (Max) X, YL, YR : 1000mm/sec, Z: 750mm/sec
Cutting Speed (Max) X, Y, Z: 100mm/sec (It's according to the specification of Bit for the best speed setting )
Spindle Motor High speed variable frequency motor 250W (Max.58,000rpm)
Bit Change Manual
Cutting Ability Linear, Circular, U-curve, Arc, L-curve
Motor of Axis 3-7 Axes (200W AC Servo motors)
Bit Shift Count Max. 2
Route Planning Direct coordinate input or manual guiding with × 10 CCD camera
Safety Area Sensor n/a
Bit Break Detection Standard
Program Storage HDD
Program Backup USB
Operating System Windows 10
Man-Machine Interface Touchscreen Industrial Monitor + Keyboard + Mouse
Conveyor Adjustment Manual adjustment Max:Y:350mm Min:Y:100mm
Conveyor load capacity Max:2 Kg
PCB Loading/Unloading Manual/connect robot arm
Power Supply 3 Phase AC220V ±3% 50 Hz/60Hz, 2.5 kw
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