PCB transporter on the PCB assembly line that include the PCB belt conveyor,PCB linking conveyor,PCB inspection conveyor,telescopic lifting conveyor,PCB coating conveyor,shuttle conveyor,NG reject conveyor,PCB turning conveyor,work station conveyor for different assembly solution     

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Solution
  • Choose PCB cutting machine quickly separation PCBs

    ASCEN PCB cutting machine can quickly depaneling and separate your PCB board,it mainly use for the PCB assembly in the large mass production with the high efficiency and save a lots of labor for the manufacturer,Most of time,one set PCB cutting machin...

  • PCB vacuum suction loader
    PCB vacuum suction loader

    PCB Vacuum suction loader is a bare board loader and mainly used for the beginning of the SMT production line for loadling of bare PCBs into the SMT assembly line....

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  • radial components forming machine
    radial components forming machine

    we need do radial lead forming process by the radial components forming machine via the component plug-in standard before plug-in processing...

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  • SMT magazine unloader
    SMT magazine unloader

    SMT magazine unloader equipment for full-auto production line original manufacturer,PCB magazine unloader,SMT magazine unloader machine used to the SMT intelligent production line which from ASCEN technology...

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  • 3M Cup mask making machine
    3M Cup mask making machine

    3M Cup mask making machine include Cup style N95 respirator making machine,Cup mask Outer Membrane Machine(optional),cup mask welding and cutting Machine and Nose Clip Welding Machine,Head Loop Welding Machine or earloop welding machine ...

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  • N95 mask making machine
    N95 mask making machine

    N95 mask edge sealing machine also named ultrasonic Mask edge banding machine or N95 mask edge welding machine,it use of ultrasonic vibration frequency,heat generated by contact friction to melt non-metal materials and combine...

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  • 3 Ply mask making machine
    3 Ply mask making machine

    High speed 3 Ply mask making machine is comprised of one face mask machine and one ear loop welding machines.After medical mask making machine outputs a mask,the mask will be transported to the 3 ply mask welding machine...

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