How to Choose PCB cutting machine quickly separation PCBs
      About depaneling the PCB board, you can choose the single cutter PCB cutting machine or the multi blade PCB cutting machine, it depend on your production output on the line. 

 Multi PCBs depaneling

      ASCEN PCB cutting machine 900 model with the multi blade, It can depaneling the whole PCB/LED board simultaneously without deformation and burrs, it is very popular to suitable for separate the large quantities of milled PCBs on the PCB assembly line.Most of lighting manufacturer which in the mess production will choose this multi cutter type PCB cutting machine to reduce their labor cost , and then save their more production cost.

      If you are the LED light manufacturer, Your can choose this machine cutting the T8 tube strip or PCB panel which in the  FR4/Aluminum/CEM-1 material. most of LED panel with multi PCB stripes, the operator need separate up to 20 PCBs in every PCB panel, multi cutter type PCB depaneling machine use for your PCB panel only need 5 second to finish, and only need one operator to finish, that is greatly for save the time and with the high efficiency, if your factory in the mass production, this 900 model is the best way to save our more production cost.

         Multi PCBs cutting machine
      if your factory plan build the automatic production line, this mutli cutter PCB cutting machine can be customized to online version and then connect your automatic SMT production line via SMEMA port to achieve the automatic production without the operator. by the way, if your choose the online version PCB separator to connect your PCB assembly line, the machine will be fixed on one line, most of time, every SMT assembly line need place one set of 900 model machine to finish connection for the automatic assembly. when you compare the off-line version PCB cutting machine, if you don't need connect to the automatic assembly line, this version will more more convenien for you, you can arrange the PCB panel of multi SMT assembly line for depaneling by this off-line version multi PCBs depaneling machine

      pcb cutting machine

       To compare the single cutter type PCB cutting machine, Please check the ASC-700N series PCB cutting machine, this PCB cutting machine only cut the PCB board one by one. mutli cutter PCB cutting machine have the higher precision and higher efficiency than ASC-700N series machine, single cutting type ASC-700N series machine cut the PCB one by one, and the multi cutter type 900 machine can cut the whole PCB at one time. you can compare this both machine like following:  

       If your PCB has 10 V-cut, the production efficiency for one set  900 machine = 10 sets of  710 machine simultaneous operation. add 10 workers cost, but the ASC-900 machine only need one operator labor cost, so the multi cutter type PCB cutting machine will save your more cost in the future.

       Of course, if your factory with the low output,  ASC-700N series PCB cutting machine is best choose for you.

       Hope you this solution can help you do the best choose for depaneling or cutting your PCB board on the SMT assembly line.  the more question please don't hesitate to leave us the message.