1)LED PCB separator depaneling the PCB panel by 6 cutting wheel. The cutting process with the low stress because of the multiple cutting.suit for cutting LED aluminum PCB panel,LED copper substrate, LED T8 tube etc.

2)This LED PCB separator can separate the LED panel with the component and won’t bend and twist after cutting.

3)The platform can be filled with troughs to facilitate the storage of the divided substrates. The platform is optional for1.2 meters and 2.4 meters.

4) Most of the LED panel with the PCB edge and with 2 kinds width of PCB stripes , This type LED panel for cutting,need the machine do the PCB width changeover, this model can be customized to the double PCB width changeover machine,the more detail please this video link here for : " PCB depaneling machine for double PCB width auto changeover cutting
Manufacturer: ASCEN technology
This machine detail specification from  PCB cutting machine ASC-700N model