ASCEN desktop type automated high precision PCB depaneling machine syetem can store any PCB board data on machine,switch the program for depaneling different boards with just one button,it is very simple to use and it is a cost-effective machine,desktop PCB depaneler ASC-508 model has a price advantage over other automated PCB cutting equipment.It is welcomed by most small and medium-sized manufacturers.For some PCB OEM company or the PCB manufacturer,the manufacturer produce different PCB panel in every day.the operator only need switch the program to changeover to depaneling different printed circuit board.
This PCB separator with the specific V-cut knife and suitable for the PCB with Max.component height 35mm and minimum 1.5mm distance from the component to the V-score line.It specially designed to different material and the narrow V score line.when your production line need face to produce the PCB panel of different specification V-cut line,and need face to some PCB panel include more than 10 V-cut line,maybe you will fine this machine is irreplaceable in your production line.this high precision PCB depaneling system will help you save more laber cost and avoid use the manual depaneling to have an industrial accident.

Manufacturer: ASCEN technology 

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