ASCEN automatic PCB depanelization machine of V-scored equipped auto feeding mould,the depaneling knife cutting multiple PCB panel in high precision and high speed,PCB panel feeder output the PCB automatically and the depaneling equipment finish the whole PCB panel cutting without any can connect this PCB depanelizer to the end of your SMT line for fully automation operation,you can store any PCB board data on the machine,and switch the program for cutting different boards with just one button,the machine is very simple to use,ASCEN online 508 model PCB V-scoring depaneliing machine has been welcomed by the OEM factories.and help to save more labor cost.and avoid use the manual depaneling to have an industrial accident.

This is online ASC-508 model PCB depanelization machine,the vacuum and waste collection can be configured according to your board requirements.we can customized different cutting length according different PCB length.
This depaneling machine equiped the industrial camera system,You can precisely set the parameters of each V-slot and clearly see the cutting blade cut precisely onto the v-groove.This depaneling machine perfectly solves cutting problem of the narrow V-slot and unsafe problem of manual depaneling.even your V-groove only 0.1mm or can not see the V-grooving by your eyes. it can freely set depaneling width and depaneling quantity,This PCB cutting machine with the high precision feeding devise.The repeat accuracy can reach 0.02mm.

After finish the PCB depaneling, you arrange the operator for collect the material,or we can customized the waste collection system and material sorting system for your PCB panel to reach higher automation level.
Manufacturer: ASCEN technology 

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