ASCEN inline automatic double direction V-score PCB depaneling machine ASC-850 model use for separate vertical and horizontal V-cut of PCB panel at the same can suit the PCB panel has V-groove of dual direction.this PCB separator can connect to your SMT line for fully automatic depaneling processing operation and without any manual can quickly depaneling your whole PCB board.low stress depaneling,PCB separate without burrs,one-key switching program can switch cutting different PCB boards,very easy to use,high efficiency,high speed,greatly saving the production cost of the factory production line,it is the preferred equipment for most manufacturers.

If your machine only has the V-score on Y direction or X direction. please refer the following both PCB will find a solution that suitable for your PCB panel.

Fully Auto ASCEN PCB depaneling machine ASC-508 model:

ASCEN PCB depaneling machine ASC-900-H model :
Manufacturer: ASCEN technology

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