ASCEN air-operated depaneling machine suit for separating V-cut of multiple kind of PCB circuit board,this ASC-620 model PCB V cut machine use pneumatic cutting methods and parallel cutting structure,solenoid valve control,No vibration or noise during cutting operation,depaneling PCB with very less stress,preventing damage to precision parts.without burr and no bend after separation.this depaneling equipment suitable for cutting the V-slot side nearest distance from component is 0.1mm in circuit board.the machine very durable and made of high-speed steel precision grinding,which can be used for repeated grinding and also suitable for the PCB plate splitting without V-CUT,easy to operate,and can be operated by unskilled personnel.
1. Machine cannot be rust and cause pollution to surrounding or contamination to product
2. No vibration or noise during cutting, preventing damage to precision parts.
3. The machine is solid in structure, easy to operate, and can be operated by unskilled personnel.
4. Pneumatic output, solenoid valve control, fast speed.
5. The internal stress of splitting is less than 500 strain,
6. The cutting path is less than 2mm, there is no operational safety concern.
The tool is made of high-speed steel precision grinding, which can be used for repeated grinding and is suitable
for thin plate splitting without V-CUT.
7. The upper and/or lower knives can be adjusted in height, and the upper knob adjusts the tool gap according to
the thickness of the PCB to match the thickness between the V slots .
8. Can cut the V-slot side nearest component distance greater than 0.1mm circuit board.
9. Cylinder pull mode, cutting, counting, automatic start and stop function, safety.
10. The blade replacement is simple and convenient, and the operation is safe
11. ESD protection.
12. PCB thickness 0.2mm- 2.0mm
13. Option – Dust exhaustion.
14. Max separation length 330mm
15. CE mark is mandatory

Item Scope of application
Model number ASC-620
Dimensions(L*W*H) 700*550*460mm
PCB Board thickness 0.2-4mm
Maximum PCB board length 340mm
Maximum cutting width Unlimited
maximum allow component height on top 40mm
maximum allow component height on bottom 24mm
Working temperature 10-35 degree
Power Supply 1P AC220V 50Hz or 110V/60Hz
Weight Approx.252Kg

Manufacturer: ASCEN technology

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