The factory space is increasingly restricting the development and expansion of our production, ASCEN technology make the mini PCB loader without magazine rack to save more space for most of production line,PCB mini loader can use as the PCB unloader or loading machine in different station and let the factory maximized to using the space, and keep the versatility of the production line.  

    This mini PCB loader is multifunction and can be customized to be a different type loading machine in different position.
    When the mini PCB loader is placed in the front on the SMT assembly line, it can as a normal PCB loader and use for loading PCB board on the line.
    When it is placed in the middle of the SMT assembly line,it can as a PCB buffer for buffering the PCB board between conveyor and conveyor,certainly, it also can as a conveyor to transfer the PCB board on the SMT line.
   When this minitype PCB loader is placed in the end of the SMT production line, it can as a PCB unloader for receive the PCB board. This mini PCB loader has the powerful functions and only need 0.25 square of space, that is why it can very popular to be used in the electronic SMT industry. 
    The more specification detail please check the product detail Mini PCB loader. you can confirm the machine model that suitable for you. 


      This minitype PCB loader don’t need to set the lifting step,The equipment can be adjusted automatically. the mini PCB loader is equipped with the circulating loading PCB board mechanism. You can increase the PCB board into the machine in anytime and don’t need replace the PCB magazine rack, the operator can manually place the PCB board into this machine ,in the meantime can busy with other,it can maximumlly to save the labor cost, if use this PCB loader to connect the PCB printer for soldering,we can achieve one operator work for multi SMT production line.

       Our mini PCB loader have the stable fault detection function. The operator can insert the PCB board quickly and don’t need to worry about the error,when you insert the PCB board and make the wrong for the position,the loader can automatic adjust the PCB step and position.