PCB transporter on the PCB assembly line that include the PCB belt conveyor,PCB linking conveyor,PCB inspection conveyor,telescopic lifting conveyor,PCB coating conveyor,shuttle conveyor,NG reject conveyor,PCB turning conveyor,work station conveyor for different assembly solution     

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  • Choose PCB cutting machine quickly separation PCBs

    ASCEN PCB cutting machine can quickly depaneling and separate your PCB board,it mainly use for the PCB assembly in the large mass production with the high efficiency and save a lots of labor for the manufacturer,Most of time,one set PCB cutting machin...

  • LED panel conformal coating machine
    LED panel conformal coating machine

    Our LED panel conformal coating machine is capable of applying many different types of coating materials at high speed. Our equipment is customizable,allowing us to meet the needs of each project.PCB coating machine is used to paint conformal coating ...

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  • conformal coating spray equipment
    conformal coating spray equipment

    ASCEN conformal coating spray equipment applying a fluid resin matrix to protect the sensitive components.By being electrically insulating,conformal coating maintains long-term surface insulation resistance (SIR) levels and thus ensures the operationa...

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  • Select Coat conformal coater system
    Select Coat conformal coater system

    ASCEN technology as the conformal coating specialist in China that supply various models of Select Coat conformal coater system with international standards to suit your product coating needs.ASCEN AC-CF-450 Automatic conformal coating PCB is the pref...

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  • select coat conformal coating machine
    select coat conformal coating machine

    ASCEN select coat conformal coating machine can be configured with many different dispense and spray valves,including the high-speed airless Curtain valve.Up to three valves can be mounted on the independent Z-axis,with two capable of tilting (4-axis)...

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  • In-line conformal coating machine
    In-line conformal coating machine

    ASCEN In-line conformal coating machine provides both speed and flexibility and is ideal for mid-volume, high-accuracy applications.Linear encoders enable the system to reach a maximum speed of 500 mm per second and an overall accuracy of 0.01mm.Addit...

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  • whole plate coating machine
    whole plate coating machine

    The ASCEN Select Coat whole plate coating machine is designed to provide the highest quality and productivity for automated coating processes.The PCB conformal coating system is available in batch, in-line,and customized configurations.A variety of fl...

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