The PCB Smart Inspection Conveyor is used For transporting, buffering and inspecting printed circuit boards between machines.and can be used as an Inspection conveyor or a Linking conveyor.
ASCEN technology is available to offer the full range of boards handling machines and also the non-standard transportation solution for the SMT industries.
PCB Smart Inspection Conveyorcan link the PCB multi magazine loader unloader for smt assembly production line, this PCB inspection conveyor are mainly use as a PCB workstation,you can custom design meet your requirements are available for PCB printed circuit board transport,manual insertion operation,connect the AOI machine for inspection

	 PCB Smart Inspection Conveyor

1. Installed rigid M lead screw, width adjustable system to make sure two tracks move smoothly.
2. Imported circular special belt and patented tracks, can effective solve the thin card guide PCB problem, improve connection stably.
3. Equipped with standard industry signal" SMEMA", which can connect with others machines conveniently.
4. Machine's metal parts are made of high quality aluminum, to make sure superior and durable service.
5. PCB transfer conveyor applicable to production line of SMT and AI, easy to connect with before and after processing.
6. When PCB move interposition during transmitting, it has the function of photo electricity automatic inspection and manual releasing.
7. Increasing weight at the bottom to make machine uneasy to be moved, make connection more smoothly.

Please click the video link here SMT inspection PCB conveyor to check the machine work detail.

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PCB Smart Inspection Conveyor technical parameters
Item Scope of application
Model number:                  ( inspection conveyor type) HY-460 conveyor
Dimensions(L*W*H) 600(length optional )*750*900mm
PCB Width 50-400mm
Conveyor Height 900+/-20mm
PCB Direction L-R(R-L)
Speed 0~1500(mm)/Min
Power Consumption 0.5KW
Power Supply 1P AC220V 50/60HZ
Guide-rail Length 0.6-2M(or as requirement)
Control method Press key+PLC
Foot switch Standard
Platform Material ESD Rubber Mat
Communication Plug SMEMA Signal Plug for up/down line Double-wire cable
power consumption Approx.50W
Track length 600mm(it depend on your requirement)
Weight Approx.80Kg
Note: please confirm us the following detail when you inquiry:
1, what is the PCB linking conveyor length you need?
2, How many section you need for your PCB linking conveyor?
3, What is your Max.PCB width?
4, Whether need add the emergency button and the start button/ specified power cord