Before buying the product, we will be a comprehensive analysis of the views and requirements and recommend it to the actual needs of customers with the most suitable products and let customers know that the performance characteristics of the selected product referred to in accordance with customers. In purchasing the products, we promise to allow customers to clearly know the completion of the product. In strict accordance with the relevant provisions of the contract terms of production, delivery, to ensure product intact and in place within the stipulated time to customer requirements. Product during the warranty period, under normal storage, maintenance, use, if quality problems, responsible for the free repair or replacement, and provide the relevant maintenance knowledge; as a result of improper use or damage caused by the product does not work normally, the Company provides paid service. Product warranty period is not, it will provide a paid service. The company promises: We highly value your feedback on the quality of information, all the information will be given to the quality of feedback responses; In accordance with the contract requirements for the installation, commissioning and training of technical personnel for the buyer sold the equipment. During the warranty period, except for man-made damage and force majeure factors, the device itself quality problems, maintenance service commitment. I provide long-term technical support, vendor outside the warranty period if you need on-site service, only pay the cost (within China). Our company has adequate supply of consumable buyer if requested to order spare parts, our company can provide timely.