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Taped component axial lead former



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AS-809U model is motorized taped component axial lead former, use for cut and bend axial components at speeds up to 25000PPH with famous cut/bend axial lead forming system

Product Details
Cut and bend machine for taped axial components. Taped component axial lead former be often used the axial resistance and diode. This is the motorized type former, you can use this axial lead forming and cutting machine form only or cut only.or forming and cutting.
Process loose or taped components depending on which feeder you choose.  Form to 90 degrees, vertical, and even cut-only, depending on the system you choose.  This machine has a reputation for reliable, economical performance in thousands of PCB assembly factories worldwide. Simply open button and parts are cut and formed and deposited into a collection bin.

Please go this link and refer the machine operation video here : cut axial lead forming machine axial lead trimmer
1.For Axial tape packed components  forming and cutting feet, Forming and cutting feet can be finished by one time. Strong processing ability.
2.Independent rotary disc cutters for longer cutting life, material SKD-11.
3.Won 't score of damage lead of diodes and resistor
4.High performance motor with adjustable speed
5.Forming span and feet length are adjustable
ASCEN AS-809U model use for cut and horizontal bend for taped axial component.

axial lead former auto axial lead former

  Note Name U shape US shape Remark
A Lead foot distance 8~40mm 5~40mm 2C+W+B
H Lead foot length 3.6~15mm 3.6~15mm Adjustable
C Center length 1.2mm(Min.) 0.8mm(Min.) Adjustable
D Body outer diameter 2~8mm 1.5~5mm Adjustable
W Lead diameter 0.35~1mm 0.35~0.8mm In common
  Note:U shape (horizontal)& F shape (vertical) two models cannot be Shared. Please make clear before ordering. please inquiry to email:

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