Radial component lead forming

Radial lead forming machine



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This radial lead forming machine use for various types of radial components for forming and cutting operation

Product Details
The radial component lead forming machine for forming and cutting operation with simple shapes: 90-degree bend, SMD bend, front and back kinks
*Radial component forming tools easy to changeover.
*Welcome to hand us your forming drawing for best solution
*Easy operation and simple operation.
*Motorized taped radial lead cutter/ former, easy to set up, easy to operate.
*With a customized die set, varied forming specification is available.
*Low maintenance taped radial lead former/cutter process up to 7,200pcs without placing any stress on your parts.

radial component lead former 
 auto radial lead forming

Item Scope of application
Model number AM-702R AM-705R
Paper Tape Bare Hole Pitch Use for paper tape bare hole pitch at 12.7mm Use forpaper tape bare hole pitch at 15mm
Dimension 450L*400W*500Hmm
Cutting speed 7200pcs/H
Power 90W
Power Supply 1P AC220V 50Hz or 110V/60Hz
Weight Approx.45Kg Approx.45Kg

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