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PCB infrared curing oven/PCB curing machine is used to apply a film to both sides of PCB.for surface mount adhesive curing

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PCB infrared (IR) curing oven is used to apply a film to both sides of PCB.for surface mount adhesive curing.infrared curing oven for high volume curing production, the inline curing machine is easy to integrate with different conformal coating machines
1. Transportation system:
1) Chain conveyor mode, the width between the chains can be adjusted between 50-450mm, to meet the customer's multiple connection methods, the chain uses stainless steel and long pin chain. The transport speed is adjustable.
2) Special reinforced aluminum alloy guide rail, which can withstand high temperature and cooperate with support adjustment mechanism to ensure no deformation.
2, curing system
1) The equipment is divided into 3 infrared heating zones, and each zone of infrared heating can be independently controlled to control the maximum temperature of 100 °C.
2) PLC+ touch screen control to achieve precise temperature control in 3 temperature zones

PCB infrared curing oven
Model: IR-450
PCB conveyor height:900±20mm
PCBA width range:50~400mm
Direction:L-R or R-L (optional)
Conveyor speed:700~2000mm/min
Conveyor motor power:120w
Temp control range:±1.5℃
Temp control precise:±5
Heating zones:2pcs
Heating time:Approx.20min
Power:10KW3P 380V
Start power:10KW
Average power:Approx.3KW
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