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ASCEN offers a full line of custom PCB UV curing conveyors, in various sizes and configurations, to meet your unique UV curing needs.Custom high performance PCB UV conveyor can satisfy all UV curing applications.

Product Details
ASCEN offers a range of custom PCB UV curing conveyor systems to suit your UV curing needs, UV curing conveyors can be paired with traditional arc lamps, microwave-powered lamps, or UV LEDs. We can also provide custom PCB UV conveyors built to your unique specifications.
ASCEN offers a full line of UV conveyors, in various sizes and configurations, to meet your unique UV curing needs. We have UV conveyors with cure widths up to 40”, a range of standard UV wavelengths, and numerous special features for improved performance and ease of use. All are designed for dependable, reliable performance and long working life. No matter what your UV curing application may be, ASCEN has the right conveyor system.
1.Mesh blet infinitely adjustable-speed,nodeviation prevention device,keep smooth delivery;mesh belt set tension mechanism,can adjust the mesh belt tension.
2.PTFE mesh belt,conveyor speed infinitely adjustable,operate steadily,no noise.
3.Each independent control system,according to the number of open lamp production.
4.The height of the UV chimney can according to need to adjust.
5.The use of special aluminium magnesium alloy lamp shade,concentrating design,high production efficiency.
6.Lamp working current can be controlled by outside in the table,to master the working state of UV system effectively.
7.Equipped with reasonable cooling system,dynamic temperature in less than 60 degrees celsius;some UVoven with power overtemperature alarm settings,when UVoven more than 80 degrees due to not work properly,automatically stop working and report to the police.
8.Lamp using cycle time,power box with a built-in timer,record the service life of the bulb,remind to replace on time.
9.UV oven inlet and outlet set the shading box,and with adjustable shading doors, effective shielding ultraviolet radiation,to protect operators or people from ultraviolet radiation damage.
10.UV oven on both sides of Access door,convenient to observe maintenance.
11.PCB UV curing conveyor is available in different sizes and power.

PCB UV curing conveyor
PCB conveyor height: 900+/-20mm
PCB width range: 50~400mm
Direction: L to R or R to L
Wavelength: 365nm/385nm/395nm/405nm
UV Machine  Dimension:2500L*665W*1700Hmm
UV Lamp power:2PCS*4KW/380V
 UV Process shine area:
Max product length
max product width
Total wattage:
Cooling method: Water cooling
Beam angle: 60 degree
Application: Ink curing/coating curing/ glue curing
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