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Product Details

Aluminum PCB separator with multi blades cutting LED stripes with the component and won’t bend and twist after cutting
The circuit board cutting from six pieces of the blade, the upper and lower two for a group, constitute a cutting unit. Are A, B, C, three groups. The cutting process is divided into three stages, group a blade to cut 40% of the circuit board, then B blade again from a blade cut groove Nian, again completed 40% of cutting quantity. Finally, by group C blade cutting last 20% and finishing, because every time the cutting amount is very small, so cut in the process of generating should force than the traditional a cut can reduce more than 80%, divide the smooth edge of the circuit board, plate surface is very smooth, do not twist does not become warped.
1)because of the many cutting, cutting process very smooth, can greatly improve the localization ability of the V-CUT slot, even cut the V-CUT slot is very shallow in the circuit board, also won't appear V-CUT slot from the guide blade jumped out to avoid adverse.
2)because the blade cutting force is small, and the use of Sweden imported high-speed steel material, blade durability greatly improved, segmentation aluminum substrate blade life can reach more than one year, reduce the use of cost.
3)All cutting blades are calibrated by laser interfere meter with dual frequency laser, so as to ensure that the cutter can continue to cut in the groove that the front knife cut off.The beat is not greater than 0.02mm. To ensure the perfect quality of cutting.

ASCEN as a PCB separator manufacturer provide the full SMT manufacturing equipment, producing different type PCB depaneling machine, include the blade moving type V-cut PCB separator, cutting disc type PCB cutting separator , Pneumatic cutting type PCB separator Aluminum PCB separator , PCB punching separator manual pcb separatorPCB depaneling router, Multi cutter PCB cutting machine are available as standard and customized products and can be equipped to fit special requirements 

Aluminum PCB separator standard:
Item Scope of application
Model number ASC-700N
Dimensions(L*W*H) 1200*506*333mm          (with 1.2M platform) 2400*506*333mm          (with 2.4M platform)
Cutting speed 80/120/200/400mm/s
Power 60W
PCB Board thickness 0.2-2.5mm
Maximum PCB board length Unlimited
Power Supply 1P AC220V 50Hz or 110V/60Hz
Weight Approx.72Kg Approx.88Kg
Note: Can customized the bigger Aluminum PCB separator module for the LED aluminum board with high component.

Aluminum PCB separator
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