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Radial component tube feeder



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Radial component tube feeder is a SMT taped stick tube feeder, component raidal tube feeder developed for the customer required and that is not a standard machine.

Product Details
ASCEN radial component tube feeder is a SMT taped stick tube feeder and developed for the customer required and that is not a standard radial component feeder can output the component one by one and holds them so that the robot can pick them up.component tube feeder also can use to connect the Fuji SMT component insertion machine for automated pick and place.
Customized steps, please tell us following question:
1.Provide the physical picture for the material and the material size and then to quote.
2.If your component feeding require the specified direction.Please describe. 
3.When confirm item,please send us the taped component sample to do precision measurement,we need do test for the cutting radial feeder before our delivery.

Excellent price-performance ratio
Zero stick exchange time
Tube feeder can custom according requirement
400mm storage capacity
Additional tooling space
Intelligent communication with placement system
Handles all component types and stick formats

As you know different type component need choose different component feeder feeding for auto insertion mount machine or robot assembly production line,please click here component tape feeder  to check the detail video,You will know how to choose the best SMT component feeder for your application.

Radial component tube feeder

ASCEN tube feeder AF-TB series
Component type Relays, terminals, transformers, square capacitors, round capacitors
Component size 3*3*3~25*25*25mm
Tube type PVC tube, aluminum tube
Tube length 200-650mm
Tube wall thickness >0.6mm
Feeding material type Tube package material, multiple tube superposition package material
Feeding type Motor drive
Positioning way fiber sensors
Tube recycle There is the recycle box in the bottom
Power 24V
Air pressure 0.4~0.6Mpa
Operation way Keys operation
Signal connection SMEMA port
Communication mode I/O port or independent control
Control way PLC control system
Drive mode Stepper motor
Feeding speed 0.8~1S
Feeding track Single track feeding or customized to double track feeding
Feeder speed Can adjustable
Feeding precision ±0.5mm
Feeding test 1000 times continuous feeding without abnormal
    Aging Test No abnormality after continuous operation for 48 hours
Life time About 5 years
Cutter life 4 million times(cutting cutter is the consumables)
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