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multi track vibratory feeder bowl



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Multi track vibratory feeder bowl use to loading the loose component online, it can connect the SMT insertion machine for automated online feeding or connect the robot for automatic production for replace the artificial.

Product Details
The multiple track vibratory feeder bowl can install to all kinds of SMT insertion mounter
to realize automatic plug-in operation, it can save labor cost and improve the utilization rate of the SMT mounter, The loose component be place in the vibratory bowl feeder, Vibratory Bowl feeders segregating and orienting component parts in the desired position.and then the machine pick and place the component parts, vibratory feeder bowl can feeding the component according the required direction and speed. The component can be cut or bend or former and the end be transported to workstation. 
The vibratory feeder with multiple track for output, it can output multiple kinds of component at the same time. It also can connect to the robot for pick and place the component one by one, it is the best to realize the automatic production for replace the artificial.
Customized steps, please tell us below question:
1.Provide the physical picture for the material and the material size.
2.Your expected speed for feeding
3.Provide the material feeding direction(if require)
4.Component running clockwise or counter-clockwise (if require)
5.Need send us the component sample to precision measurement,and need do test the vibratory bowl feeders before delivery

As you know different type component need choose different component feeder feeding for auto insertion mount machine or robot assembly production line,please click here component tape feeder  to check the detail video,You will know how to choose the best SMT component feeder for your application.

vibratory bowl feeder
Multi track vibratory feeder bowl
ASCEN vibratory bowl feeder AF-VB series
Component type Electronic components, hardware,plastic parts, connectors
Component size 3*3~50*50mm
Component weight 10g-300g
Vibratory Feeding material Loose component and specified vibratory bowl feeding material
Feeding type Multiple layer multiple tray vibratory bowl for feeding,can feeding different type component from different layer
Single layer multiple tray vibratory bowl for feeding,can feeding different type component from different tray  
Feeding transfer type Transmission of vibration
Positioning way fiber sensors
Distinguish the polarity Optional  
Cutting lead foot Optional  
Power 220V
Air pressure 0.4~0.6Mpa
Operation way Keys operation
Signal connection SMEMA port
Communication mode I/O port or independent control
Control way PLC control system
Drive mode Pipe coil drive
Vibratory feeder speed 0.8 sec.
Feeding precision ±0.5mm
Feeding test Achieve 2 hours of continuous feeding without abnormal
    Aging Test No abnormality after continuous operation for 48 hours
Life time About 5 years
Dimension Single layer vibratory bowl feeder with 2 tray: 1120*460*910mm 160kg ; single layer vibrator bowl feeder with 1 tray:760*460*910mm 190kg
Multiple vibratory bowl with 2 layer: 800*460*910mm 220kg
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