SMT Component handling feeder

SMT label feeder to SMT mounter

Model:LB series


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SMT label feeder,SMT mounter laber feeder mainly use for Juki/Siemens/ASM/Yamaha/Samsuang SMT pick and place machine to labeling in the assembly production line

Product Details
ASCEN SMT label feeder suitable for various size label, paper, plastic and foam labels are able ciently complete labeling task.the SMT label feeder with different function and mainly use for Juki/Siemens/ASM/Yamaha/Samsuang SMT pick and place machine in the assembly production line.
 Product Features:
1.SMT label feeder can apply to various kinds of label size and material for PAPER, PC and EPE.label use of existing types, automatic placement,eliminate errors and hand placement costs
2.Suitable for automatic placement label feature on any placement machine
3.The High sensitive optical fiber sensor of feeder determine the label's position to ensure the accuracy of each feeding.
4.The Feeder's failure braking system will prevent wasting labels from the abnormal operation.
5.The stripping gap of feeder can be adjusted independently to meet different requirements of various thickness and height of labels.
6.The label width can be adjusted according to user's needs, and the multi-column label can be implemented simultaneously.
7.Feeder has Independently developed software and touch screen controlled interface, as well as the simpleand humanized operation.

please click here SMT label feeder online operation  to check the detail video,You will know the laber feeder how to work on your SMT pick and place machine.
Samsuang SMT label feeder
laber feeder for Juki SMT machine
Machine Specifications:
Dimension Length 670.50 mm
Width 124 mm
Height 291 mm
SMT Machine Type Can customized via the SMT machine type
Voltage 24V
Average Current 0.8A
Peak Current 2A
Communication Mode RS232
Mounting Precision 2mm-60mm
Aging Test Working continuously for 72 hours

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