SMT electric vibrating feeder/vibratory feeder use to loading the loose odd form insertion component online,it can connect the SMT mounter for automated online feeding or connect the robot for automatic production for replace the artificial.
electric vibratory feeder are used for segregating and orienting component parts in the desired position. The oriented parts can then be fed into chute and then the component can be cut or bend or former and the end be transported to workstation. The vibratory bowls are cast out of Aluminum alloy or are fabricated from stainless steel or mild steel sheets depending on the material of the parts to be fed. The inner side of the bowl is lined with appropriate lining material to reduce wear.

Manufacturer: ASCEN technology  

ASCEN team developed all kinds of radial component taped feeder for the customer required and provide efficient,stable SMT automation assembly equipment and optimal prodution solution.

It include axial tape feeder,radial tape feeder,smt tray feeder,smt tube feeder,component vibratory feeder and so on, please click here 
Odd-form component feeder system list,you find a best feeder system solution for your automatic insertion machine

Or contact us for assistance determining which component feeder work best for your application.professional solution allows ASCEN to offer whole customized equipment at a discount to customers to ensure that they receive the best deal possible.