Automatic selective conformal coating system is designed for the smart, automatic, selective coating of conformal coating material.

PCB conformal coating machine selective coating process for PCBA, PCB coating machine protective coating,to protect the sensitive components: from external environmental factors,vibration or fluctuations intemperature,by applying a fluid resin matrix.
Manufacturer: ASCEN technology
Providing unique PCB conformal coating machine for all of the different coating material technologies is one of ASCEN Technologies specialties.We can provide custom PCB coating machine for any PCB conformal coating application process.As part of that turn key solution we can offer packages of equipment for PCB conformal coating process production line,It include the PCB Conformal coating equipment,UV curing oven,PCB UV inspection conveyor,UV light conveyor. This allows ASCEN to offer the complete PCB selective conformal coating equipment at a discount to customers to ensure that they receive the best deal possible.

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