PCB Conformal coatings UV spray solution 2:
PCB coating machine

The whole conformal coatings spray production line include: PCB conveyor + PCB coating machine + UV light conveyor + 3M PCB UV curing machine + PCB conveyor 
This coating solution suitable for conformal coating processing for the single layer PCB plate.It can be connect after the PCB clean process or SMT assembly line.The PCB conformal coating system can select the selective PCB coating machine and the PCB whole plate conformal coating machine.The whole conformal coating line include 5 sets of machine, and 6966mm length.
1)PCB conformal coating machine UV spray coatings solution be used to protect PCB assemblies from moisture,dust,corrosion,and contamination.The process creates a thin, protective layer that is non-conductive and applied directly to PCBA
2)PCB Conformal coating equipment includes standard bench model equipment and fully automated machines. It can be produced to full panel conformal coating or selective coating.and keep the PCBA waterproof

3) The full automated pcb conformal coating spray production solution that can use the following different type ASCEN PCB conformal coating machine via your application requirement:
Custom AC-CF450B Conformal Coating machine with multiple spray heads. Four programmable axis and two pneumatic axis that offer unparalleled coating capabilities. The dispense head can rotate completely in a 360-degree motion.
AC-CF450 Conformal Coating machine with multiple dispensing/spraying heads. Three programmable axis, three pneumatic axis.
AC-CF630 Conformal Coating machine is a highly flexible standalone positioning system with multiple dispensing/spraying heads for use in any adhesive dispensing application.
ASCEN UV-450 UV curing machine with two Fusion F300 lamps provides the fastest possible processing of Dymax single component, 100% solid adhesives and coatings that is both cost-effective and efficient.Printed circuit board conformal coatings cure tack free in seconds upon exposure to UV/Visible light to help streamline manufacturing processes. Apply, cure, and ship immediately and eliminate the time-consuming steps of traditional thermal-cure and room temperature-cure technologies.
HY-460conveyor model PCB UV inspection conveyor with UV/Visible light inspection system enables detection of fluorescing compounds in the coating to detect proper application of the coating.
Conformal coating applied on printed circuit boards (PCB) and related equipment,to prevent electrostatic discharge (ESD). Click here to learn more about why PCB conformal coating machine is necessary onto PCB assembly