ASCEN HY-C01 series medical mask making machine semi-automatic solution

Only need following 2 type machine to finish the whole mask making processing,you only need to think about how many mask making welder you want equipped via your output requirement.
Note: Choose this solution, you need confirm your medical mask type is the inner ear loop welding mask or the outer ear loop welding mask.It will decide which type ultrasonic mask making welding machine you choose.
medical face mask making machine  Blank Mask Making Machine
               Inner ear loop mask                                                           Outer ear loop mask

Inner ear loop welding mask with one more welding process than the outer ear loop welding mask, so the inner ear loop ultrasonic mask making welder is more expensive,Please know  
Medical Mask Producing Process
medical mask production line
Medical Mask Production Line Introduction
This medical surgical mask making machine can forming masks bodies automatically by combining 2 layers of pp non-wowen fabric and one melt-blown non-wowen fabric together, at the same time insert the nose clips inside, then get the mask bodies. The cutting machine can cut the earloops into nose clips with specific length. Finally the ultrasonic mask making welder weld the two together, the complete mask finished. This medical mask producing line solution can be adopted according the capactity requirements, normal productivity is 100-150 Pcs/min. Max. can be up to 150-200 pcs/min.
Masks Produced by this mask making production line can meet testing standards
-Disposable Face Mask (YY/T 0969-China, BS EN14683-Europe, ASTM F2100, ASTM F2101-USA)
-Medical Surgical Mask(YY 0469, BS EN14683, ISO 22609, KS K ISO 22609, ASTM F2100, ASTM F2101)
ultrasonic mask making welder
Medical Machine Making production Line Specifications

Capacity 60 ~ 200 Pcs/ Min(Actual Production)
Leadtime 10 Days
Production Procedure Automatic Mask Bodies Forming + Automatic Feeding Welding
Production Components Mask Body Forming Machine 1 Set
Ultrasonic ear loop welding machine  2 ~ 5  Sets(Or On Demand)
Packaging List Case 1(Mask making Forming Machine 1 sets):3720 x 810 x 1860 mm, 580 kg
Case 2(Ultrasonic Ear Loop Welding Machine 1 sets):1300 x 560 x 1100 mm, 350kg
Area Occupied  Around 20 Square Meters

Details of Medical Mask Making Machine
Medical mask making machine adopts PLC, touch screen control, single-phase motor for main conveyor belt, stepping motor turning, precise transmission, stable control and adjustable speed and use for disposable nonwoven medical face mask body making,According to different material you use, the finished products can reach the standards as N95,FFP2 etc.

Please click this link to check the medical mask forming machine detail :

Production Speed: 60 ~ 200 Pcs / Min
Mask Dimensions: Standard 175(Length) x 95(Width) mm
Function: Forming Mask Bodies automatically
Controller: PLC
Features: Photoelectric detection, total count, batch count, accurate feeding
Electrostatic treatment: frame, grounding resistance is less than 100 ohms
Power Consumption: 4 Kw
Machine Size: 3720 x 810 x 1860 mm
Total Weight: 580 kg
Details of Ultrasonic ear loop welding machine:
Mask making ultrasonic ear-loop welding machine: weld the ear-loop to the sides of mask blank with ultrasonic technology, then finished the whole processing of outside mask blank, need only one operator to put the mask blank onto the tray one by one, the remaining will be finished by the machine automatically, the productivity of this machine will be higher than other semi automatic ear-loop welding machine. 

Please click this link to check the ultrasonic ear-loop welding machine detail :
Output Power: 3000 W
Frequency: 20000 Hz
Driver Method: Ultrasonic
Power Consumption: 500 W
Machine Size: 3850 x 1350 x 1840 mm
Weight: 420 kg
Output: 30-50 Pcs/min