radial components machine

In our SMT assembly line, we need do radial lead forming process via the component plug-in standard before plug-in processing.

ASCEN radial component forming machine for forming and cutting operation with simple shapes: 90-degree bend, SMD bend, front and back kinks

It can satisfy for most of demand for radial component forming with the high precision , and very popular in the eletronic manufacturer
*Radial component forming tools easy to changeover.
*Welcome to hand us your forming drawing for best solution
*Easy operation and simple operation.
*Motorized taped radial lead cutter/ former, easy to set up, easy to operate.
*With a customized die set, varied forming specification is available.
*Low maintenance taped radial lead former/cutter process up to 7,200pcs without placing any stress on your parts.

The detailed radial lead forming process operator please check the video from (Taped radial lead forming machine)

Manufacturer: ASCEN technology

Standard: CE