The difference between Coordinate measuring machine and vision measuring instrument
The product measuring system include optical coordinate measuring machine and the CNC vision measuring instrument, Coordinate measuring machine and vision measuring instrument both are currently advanced high-precision measuring instruments, widely applied in manufacturing. Although the CMM and VMM vision measuring instrument products are used for geometric tolerance measurements of product’s size, angle, position, etc. but they’re essentially different, have their own measuring advantage.
Coordinate Measuring Machine CMM

coordinate measuring machine

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optical coordinate measuring machine 
CNC Vision Measuring Instrument
vision measuring instrument

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1. Different measuring dimensions.
CMM coordinate measuring machine is based on the three-dimensional coordinates of the point to take measurements, because within the space coordinates, every point has just unique coordinate value. Thus, CMM has high measurement accuracy. The vision measuring instrument uses an optical imaging technology to obtain a two-dimensional image of the workpiece, and then conduct precision measurement, so the work is generally characterized on just two-dimensional plane.
2. Different measurement method.
CMM coordinate measuring machine is using the probe to contact the workpiece to obtain three-dimensional coordinates of the contact point, and each time to obtain the coordinates of points, must obtain by way of contact. It is contact measurement tools. The vision measuring instrument is completely different, it obtains an image via optical lens. The process is like camera imaging. It is a non-contact measurement tools.
3. Different types of main measure workpieces.
Because of the different measuring methods, the type of their main measuring workpiece is different.CMM, in accuracy although higher than the image measuring instrument, must be in contact with the workpiece, which becomes powerless in other types of small soft thin workpieces. However, contact measurement image instrument has its unique advantage among these.
Coordinate measuring machine and vision measuring instrument have become required manufacturing measuring instruments, to promote the manufacturing sector towards higher precision and more complex, higher-quality direction. ASCEN is a major producer of coordinate measuring machine and image measuring instrument, it is one of the largest smart manufacturing equipment group in China, has been providing high-quality, cost-effective measuring instruments for the global users.