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large size vision measuring machine

Model:AMH series


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large size vision measuring machine can be used for dimensional accuracy measurement of various Aerospace, automobile and ship, scientific research and teaching, electronics, hardware and plastic, precision metal stamping plate

Product Details
large size vision measuring machine Instrument features:
1.Vision measuring machine with high-precision granite gantry structure ,never deformation, high stability, high-end good looking .
2. High-precision grating system, with extremely high stability .
3.High precision linear guide rail and high precision ball-screw transmission .
4.Imported Panasonic servo system ,high-precision,high-efficiency ,high-stability .
5.Zoning adjustment of LED light source ,available for multi directional projection .
6.Manipulator control CNC software ,Auto focusing,Auto zoom switching ,Auto edge tracing ,Auto light Sensing , Auto measuring ,Assurance measuring high efficiency .
7.Leading edge specialized proprietary measuring software.
8.Configured with import RENISHAW high precision contacting type probe group .  
9. Configured with high precision laser tester, realizable Auto programming Co-axial complex measuring image /probe/ laser .
About the the 
vision measuring machine how to use for the PCB panel, Please click here to vision measuring machine use for PCB check the operation video. 
Optical coordinate measuring machine advantages:
1. Construction of the instrument:
 Construction of the instrument: Designed with workbench of a marble panel base and cantilever-type mechanism, the instrument is characterized by steady accuracy, good adaptability to working environment, simple, strong, non-deformable and good-looking body structure, and ergonomically designed operating mechanism, and meanwhile is equipped with powerful measuring software and is easy to operate.
2. Movement of Mechanism:
this vision measuring instrument is provided with tri-axial automatic control and equipped with import precision Nidec patch grating system, Japan Panasonic servo high-efficiency motor system, Taiwan TBI screw rod, Taiwan HIWIN high-precision guide rail as well as professional measuring software for measurement.
3. Merits with auto-measuring instrument:
This CNC automatic VMM instrument can avoid human error of the “Object Work Piece” as caused by manual measuring, and can as well avoid secondary damage caused to “Object Work Piece” by manual measuring, with ensured mass stability and criteria consistency of the object work piece. This instrument can enhance multi-fold the detecting efficiency in the production process, identify the defects and control over non-yields beforehand in production process, and can meanwhile help lower part of the costs spent on manual detection, and increase the timeliness of product delivery.
4. Applicable scope:
this measuring instrument can be used for dimensional accuracy measurement of various Aerospace, automobile and ship, scientific research and teaching, electronics, hardware and plastic, precision metal stamping plate, screen printing plate, acrylic plate, LCP film, PCB board, LCDTFT, glass cover plate, TP, frame of ultra-large LCD, die cutting, backlight module group, as well as for auxiliary measurements such as reverse engineering graphic R & D, design, drawing editing, laboratory inspection, etc.
5. Main functional configurations of instrument:
this instrument is used in with AUSKY professional automatic measurement software, Aocheng special controller,MEAN WELL power supply, Panasonic servo motor drive system, TEO color 650TV CCD, PMS high resolution of 0.7–4.5 folds special high-definition Auto zoom and fixed-focus screen optical lens, LED partition program-controlled light source, import precision Nidec patch grating system, Lenovo computer,LCD monitor,keyboard, mouse, and the digital measurement.
6. Overall Merits:
A. Suitable for measuring applications of multi-variety, complex dimensions and demanding measuring accuracy, with even easy and quick measuring efficacy and enhanced measuring efficiency.
B. The instrument has the following merits with regard to image processing: automatic burrs skip-over, auto generating measurement reports and results statistics, and open for linking to printers, etc., suitable for wide industry applications.
7. Saving cost:
This instrument can achieve multiple functions on the same set of equipment, resulting
in saved user costs for repeated purchasing of measurement devices as well as saved labor costs and equipment occupation space. It can meet the needs of user enterprises for greater   development in the future and the demand for rapid expansion of product testing to lay sound   foundation for users’ quality assurance.
Vision Measuring System Technical Parameters:

Paramter and Model AMH650 AMH860 AMH1210 AMH1512 AMH2115
Workbench Glass table size(mm) 808x568 1008x668 1300x1048 1600x1248 2200x1548
Load-bearing weight(kg) 30 30 30 30 30
travel  X axis(mm) 500 600 1000 1200 1500
Y axis(mm) 600 800 1200 1500 2100
Zaxis(mm) 200 200 200 200 200
Image and measurement system Display resolution(mm) 1/0.5(Optional)
Instrument precision(um) (4+L/200)um
Imaging system(CCD) TEO HD color
Zoom objective(X) Zoom objective 0.7~4.5X
Total video magnification(x) 30~190X
Light source LED programmable partiton light source(Coaxial light source optional)
Working distance(mm) 96mm
Outline dimension(mm) 1500X1140X178  1720X1240X1780   2090X1630X1800  2390X1830X1850 3000x2130x1850
Weight (kgs)  1600 1800  3000   4500 6000
Power supply        220V AC 50HZ,110V AC 60HZ

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