This programmable PCB router depaneling system programming tutorial manual of part 8,it teach you the drawing line arc combined segment and the circle diagram operation of PCB router learn edit the line and circle instruction according your PCB include drawing “Line arc combined multi segment”,"THREE-POINT CIRCLE","STANDARD CIRCLE" after finish learning tutorial of this part 8.
AS-3A PCB router depaneling system is a desktop version PCB programmable pcb depaneling system,PCB depaneling router machine with the shaft system use for separating the V-cut from Tab PCBA,Stamp PCBA,the irregular PCBA,PCB router specialize in cutting the complicated PCB board,and cut continuously without interruption during loading and unloading.desktop version PCB router with a high cost performance and very popular in the small and medium manufacturers,ASCEN PCB depaneling router can offline mode operation and also can as a online PCB router to connect your robot arm for automatic pick up the PCB arrival the high automation production.

By the way,if your company need more efficient PCB depaneling router machine,you can click video here double station PCB router machine to check the large scale PCB router depaneling machine how to quickly connect the robot.

ASCEN PCB router depaneling machine AS-3A/4A model,the programming manual total 1-9 part.please check the following link to see the detail:
PCB depaneling router manual part 1, learn PCB router machine function and the operation interface

PCB depaneling router manual part 2, learn PCB router machine "Move and edit"function
PCB depaneling router manual part 3learn PCB router machine  "Insert instruction"
PCB depaneling router manual part 4learn PCB router machine  "copy instruction" 
PCB depaneling router manual part 5learn PCB router machine  "Array replication"function and offset operation
PCB depaneling router manual part 6learn PCB router machine  modify parameters
PCB depaneling router manual part 7learn PCB router machine "Dot" and "Line"instruction
PCB depaneling router manual part 8learn PCB router machine “Line arc combined multi segment” instruction
PCB depaneling router manual part 9learn PCB router machine  drawing diagram via PCB panel