PCB flat belt conveyor

Model:HY-460 conveyor


Delivery Time:5-7 days


ESD PCB flat belt conveyor with roller sliding is used for transferring of PCBs/pallets in the production line.

Product Details
ASCEN PCB flat belt conveyor are manufactured from aluminium profiled side guide and product guides,supplied with powder coated adjustable support stands.We offer a range of end roller sizes and configurations to handle small to large product types.The conveyors are design to handle products from small to large pallet or PCB board.Each conveyor is assembled at our factory, fully tested and then shipped to site for installation
SMT flat belt conveyor

This belt conveyor assembly line system can customized to the lifting conveyor,climbing conveyor,slope roller sliding belt conveyor,turning transport machine according different product assembly line requirement.
ESD flat belt turning machine
roller sliding belt conveyor

Conveyor Belt Width (W)  300mm, 400mm, 500mm, 600mm, etc
Conveyor Belt Length (L) 1000mm~5000mm, or custom
Conveyor Height (H) 100mm~3500mm, or custom
Standard Speed (S) 5~20 meter/minute
Conveyor Roller stainless steel,galvanized steel, rubber coated roller
Belt Material PVC, PU, Teflon
Belt Color Green, white, black, blue
Frame Stainless Steel,Carton Steel,Aluminum Profile
Load-bearing Per Meter 100KG/meter, or custom
Drive Type Conveyor drived by motor
Available Function Height adjustable, speed adjustable
Note: please confirm us the following detail when you inquiry:
1, What is your product Max. size?
2, What is the width and the length you need of PCB flat conveyor

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