PCB laser marking conveyor machine

Model:HY-460 conveyor


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PCB laser marking machine be customized as a PCB laser marking conveyor is designed for marking various electrical components with critical information such as bar codes,part numbers for record PCB information by marking serial number and barcode

Product Details
PCB laser marking machine from ASCEN is designed for marking various electrical components with critical information such as bar codes,part numbers,2D and UID codes, QR codes,serial numbers,batch numbers,logos,and business information,These marks allow manufacturers to improve traceability,identify specific electrical components during warranty claims,enforce trademark protection and more.ASCEN PCB laser marking conveyor integrated with high-performance fiber laser source,PCB laser marking system be applied for automatic SMT assembly for record PCB information by marking serial number and barcode for quality control of electronic product.

PCB laser marking conveyor input the marking information from the PCB marking system software,It can be integrated with SMT online operation and automatic off-board can connect the PCB laser marking conveyor to your SMT assembly by the SMEMA port,once the PCB input the the PCB laser marker,PCB laser marking system will automatic finish the marking operation and then output the PCB to the next working station.
This laser marking conveyor also can changeover to the pass through mode and application as a link conveyor,Comparing with label and printing,PCB Laser Marking Machines in different types are suitable for PCB marking of large area and irregular shape board or thin plate as well as multi-marking on one-side or multi-board in high efficiency and speed,this marking conveyor with good cost performance,very widely used in small and medium-sized manufacturers.

PCB online marking machine
1)High-performance fiber laser has high-quality laser beam,small focusing spots and well-distributed power.
2)Manually positioning,adjust marking area by saftware,easy to operate
3)Gantry structure and synchronous transmission guideways ensure the stable and precision performance.
4)The function of automatic focusing and track width adjusting are designed to match up different production line. 
5)CE certified
PCB laser marker

Item Scope of application
Model number:                                    (Laser marking machine type) HY-460 conveyor
With industrial computer control system to edit label
Fitted with a full set of imported metal high integrated fiber laser system with high electro-optic conversion efficiency
Laser power
Laser wavelength:
Repeat Frequency
Repeat Precision
Minimum Line width:
Minimum Character:
Marking Maximum adjust height:
Cooling system: Built-in air cooling system
Dimensions(L*W*H) 700(length optional )*1100*1500mm
PCB Width 50-400mm
Conveyor Height 900+/-20mm
PCB Direction L-R(R-L)
PCB transport speed 0~1500(mm)/Min
Power Consumption 0.8KW
Power Supply 1P AC220V 50/60HZ
Guide-rail Length 0.6-2M(or as requirement)
Control method Press key+PLC
Foot switch Standard
Platform Material ESD Rubber Mat
Communication Plug SMEMA Signal Plug for up/down line Double-wire cable
power consumption Approx.50W
Track length 600mm(it depend on your requirement)
Weight Approx.80Kg
Note: please confirm us the following detail when you inquiry:
1, what is the PCB conveyor length you need?
2, What is your Max. marking area
3, What is your Max.PCB width?

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