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One-button fast Measuring Instrument

Model:AMO series


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One-button fast Measuring Instrument and image measuring instrument can be applied to all kinds of mobile phones,hardware, plastics,electronics,connectors,die-cutting,PCB board,FPC,glass,screw,and other dimensions of rapid measurement

Product Details
Mechanism And Application Characteristics Of One-button fast Measuring Instrument:

1. Applicable scope of the instrument:
One-button fast measuring instrument can be applied to all kinds of mobile phones, hardware, plastics, electronics, connectors, die-cutting, PCB board, FPC, glass, screw, and other dimensions of rapid measurement and testing.
2. The main function of the Vision Measuring instrument is to cooperate with Aocheng fast image measurement software, high-definition color CCD 5 million pixels, large field telecentric lens, specific light source and motor.
3. Cost savings:
It can realize multi-function of one machine, greatly reduce the cost of repeatedly purchasing 3D Vision Measuring system for users, and save labor costs and space for the use of repeatedly purchasing CNC image measuring instrument. It can satisfy the needs of users and enterprises in the future, as well as the rapid expansion of product testing, and lay a good foundation for the quality assurance of users' products.

About the the image measuring instrument how to use for the PCB panel, Please click here to vision measuring machine use for PCB check the operation video. 

One-button fast Measuring Instrument parameters:

Model AMO-36 AMO-68 AMO-100 AMO-150 AMO-240
The camera 5 million 2/3 inches 5 million 2/3 inches, 12 million 11.1 inches, 20 million 1 inches optiona
Effective measurement range(mm) 29.3X22 55X41.3 88X66 111X93 190X126
Light source According to the purpose of measurement, parallel bottom light, telecentric bottom light, 1-8 zonal ring light, coaxial light for optional
Repeatability (+/-um) 1um 1um 1um 1.5um 2um
Instrument precision(+/-um) 2um 2um      3um     3um       4um
100 Element Measuring Time (seconds) 0.2s 0.2s 0.2s 0.2s 0.2s
Load-bearing weight(KG) 10 10 10 20 20
Machine Size (LXWXH) 34X45X80cm 45X58X198cm
Image measuring instrument accessories:
NO. Name Unit Qty
1 Main Body PCS 1
2 AUSKY software PCS 1
3 Dongle PCS 1
4 Computer Host PCS 1
5 AUSKY Optical corrector PCS 1
6 Liquid Crystal display PCS 1
7   PCS 1

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