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V-cut PCB cutting machine is used for cutting the PCB board with the V-grooves. And apply for the PCB circuit board and the LED T8 tube bar separating.

Product Details
V-cut PCB cutting machine adopts the latest blade-type lightweight design, which completes the micro-shear stress cutting stroke at one time, and is suitable for separating PCB Panel with V-grooves. The PCB cutting machine is placed on the adapted platform and moves along the guide blade. The lower round blade actively rotates and the upper round knife is rotates passively. Shear stress is reduced to the minimum, suitable for long strip aluminum substrate, LED light strip separating and PCB board with V-cut.
* The cutting wheel of V-cut PCB cutting machine is made of high-speed steel by precision grinding and can be repeatedly ground and used.
* The distance between the upper and lower knives can be accurately adjusted to solve the problem of V-CUT depth, minimize the internal stress generated during cutting and avoid tin cracking.
* The upper and lower round knives of PCB cutting machine can be precisely adjusted, and the machine can cut the PCB board and aluminum substrate with V-CUT.
* Surface white spray powder baking varnish is a special process, not easy to fall off


Item Scope of application
Model number ASC-501                          (no platform) ASC-502                     (with 1.2M platform)         ASC-503                       (with 2.4M platform)
Dimensions(L*W*H) 425*270*410mm 1200*506*333mm        2400*506*333mm
Cutting speed 0-1000mm/s
Power 60W
PCB Board thickness 0.2-2.5mm
Maximum PCB board length Unlimited
Power Supply 1P AC220V 50Hz or 110V/60Hz
Weight Approx.45Kg Approx.58Kg Approx.68Kg

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