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Product Details
PCB routing separator for Cutting or Separate PCB Printed Circuit board with high precision shaft system
 •PCB routing separator speeds up to 100mm / s, positioning speed 500mm / s.
• During loading and unloading can be cut continuously without interruption.
• High quality of the shaft system allows the separator machine to move quickly and deceleration, reducing the time period, increase productivity while maintaining high accuracy.
• Use high-quality hardware to ensure high rigidity and high performance.
• All the lead screw are covered to prevent dust and dirt from entering, thereby improving the life and performance of the shaft. 

ASCEN as a PCB separator manufacturer provide the full SMT manufacturing equipment, producing different type PCB depaneling machine, include the blade moving type V-cut PCB separator, cutting disc type PCB cutting separator , Pneumatic cutting type PCB separator , Aluminum PCB separator , PCB punching separator , manual pcb separator, PCB depaneling router, Multi cutter PCB cutting machine are available as standard and customized products and can be equipped to fit special requirements 

1 Drive system Motor: servo / stepper motors
2 Spindle: Domestic spindle
3 Cutting performance: 500mm / s
4 Drive System Repeatability: ± 0.02mm
5 Cutting speed: max 100mm / S depends on circuit board materials and cutting quality
6 Resolution: ± 0.01mm
7 Configuration: X, Y, Z axis, stroke: 300 * 300 * 100mm, stroke can also be customized.
8 Repeatability: <0.1mm, straight lines and curves on the contours
9 PCB positioning: special or standard fixtures
10. Handling method: manually
11 PCB thickness: 0.4mm-4mm
12 Security Settings: machine emergency stop switch, emergency stop switch spindle, spindle motor servo motor overheating and overload detection
13 Spindle motor:
Power: 0.5 kilowatts,Maximum speed: 60,000 rev / min, Cooling: Air Cooled
14 PCB routing separator size: 650 * 550 * 615mm
15 Weight: 73KG

PCB routing separator

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