circle blade PCB cutting machine



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Product Details

circle blade PCB cutting machine and PCB separator from ASCEN pcb depaneling equipment factory

1.Manual adjustment of guide level, solve the problem of V-CUT depth difference.
2.High efficiency: Vmax=200mm/s, and the speed is adjustable.
3.Machine segmentation reduces stress and prevents solder joints from cracking.
4.The machine is small and easy to operate.
5.The adjustment range of the upper cutter seat: 0 ~ 15mm.

ASCEN as a PCB separator manufacturer provide the full SMT manufacturing equipment, producing different type PCB depaneling machine, include the blade moving type V-cut PCB separator, cutting disc type PCB cutting separator , Pneumatic cutting type PCB separator , Aluminum PCB separator , PCB punching separator , manual pcb separator, PCB depaneling router, Multi cutter PCB cutting machine are available as standard and customized products and can be equipped to fit special requirements 

circle blade PCB cutting machine standard:
Item Scope of application
Model number ASC-510
Separator size 342*378*806mm
Knife material imported highspeed steel
Cutting thickness 0.25mm
circular knife size 125mm(diameter)
Cutting PCB Max.length 350mm(length)
Machine weight 58kg
Packing weight 76kg

circle blade PCB cutting machine
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