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Product Details
1. moving cutter PCB separator speed adjustable, high as 500mm/s, and low as 300mm/s,higher speed can improve cutting result, make the boards away from burr.
2. PCB separating length is 0 to 500mm and 0 to 360mm (blade length can be customized)blade height slight adjustment in 0 to 2mm, platform height adjustable in 0 to 50mm,to fit PCB of different thickness ,and solve the problem of different V-slot depth
3. Manually Set the position to stop automatically according to specific length of the PCB.
4. There is no restriction on width of target PCB, Max cutting length is 500mm,PCB thickness range is 0.2 to 5.0mm, max thickness amoung V-slot is 0.25 to 2.0mm
5. Blades material is the imported high speed steel, really durable, it can be sharpened again when in need.
6. The Conveyor belt of Auto PCB separator is optional , conveniently transfer finished PCB out.
7. Stop block can be used for different PCBs, to raise working efficiency

ASCEN as a PCB separator manufacturer provide the full SMT manufacturing equipment, producing different type PCB depaneling machine, include the blade moving type V-cut PCB separator, cutting disc type PCB cutting separator , Pneumatic cutting type PCB separator , Aluminum PCB separator , PCB punching separator , manual pcb separator, PCB depaneling router, Multi cutter PCB cutting machine are available as standard and customized products and can be equipped to fit special requirements 

 moving cutter PCB separator standard:
Item Scope of application
Model number 508 (no conveyor belt) 509(with PCB conveyor)
PCB separator size 600*395*425mm 1100*455*425mm
Packing size 640*420*450mm 1200*500*450mm
Size of the conveyor belt none With PCB belt conveyor
Knife material imported highspeed steel imported highspeed steel
Cutting speed 300,500mm/s 300,500mm/s
Cutting thickness 0.25mm 0.25mm
circular knife size 125mm(diameter) 125mm(diameter)
Blade length 370mm(length) 370mm(length)
Voltage AC220/110V 50-60HZ AC220/110V 50-60HZ
Machine weight 48kg 68kg
Packing weight 72kg 92kg
Power 40W 40W

moving cutter PCB separator
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