full automatic face mask machine

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disposable mask making machine,full automatic face mask machine include one sets of disposable face mask making machine and 2 sets of Face mask ear loop welding machine,The solution is used to fully automated make flat masks

Product Details
This full automatic face mask machine include one sets of disposable face mask making machine and 1 sets of face mask ear loop welding machine,The solution is used to fully automated make flat masks.The main production process flow is coil material feeding,nose bridge tendon feeding,folding and pressing,mask cutting and forming,ear band feeding and welding, and finished product unloading.Except materials loading to be done by manual,other functions are fully automatically run.It is also could be combined with one,or two face mask ear loop welding machine stations to setup a line which depends on line speed requirement.

full automatic face mask machine

1.Automatic mask production line, also known as one to three mask production line, composed of a mask body machine and three ear band composed of welding machine. 
2.Every minute can output 60-80 piece of complete plane mask, mask specifications: 175*(80-100)mm three layers of non-woven planar filter type guaze mask. 
3.Compared with the single independent type mask making machine, joined the automatic conveyor belt and the connecting port, the unique design in addition to improve the production efficiency, reduce artificial cost, is in order to minimize the artificial participation, and reduce the risks of a mask is pollution in theroduction process.
4. You can adjust the size of the mask blank and the folding location; 
5. The direction of the earloop is outside; 
6.The computer program control and photoelectric detection make it have a high reliability and low failure rate;
Multi-layer face mask composed by:Non-woven fabric,filter cotton (filter paper),nose rib,elastic ear string.
Working process:
Raw material→ forming→filling nose wire→edge binding→ mask body welding→ mask body cutting→separate conveying→ear welding→collecting and stacking→manual packaging (or connecting to the packaging machine).

To build a mask production line, at first you need to confirm which type mask you want to produce and then to confirm the mask production line solution, if you don't know which type solution is best for your invest budget or your output,and don't know how to do the budget for mask production cost.
Please click here Mask production line solution, you will know how to choose the best mask production system for your factory. 
 If you want to know the budget to build the face mask masking line, Please inquiry our ASCEN engineer team.

disposable mask making machine

Click here Face Mask Making Machine,you can see the video showing what is the full automation unmanned manufacturing face mask mass production line. If you want to know the budget to build the face mask masking line, Please inquiry our ASCEN engineer team.

Main Feature
1.Ultrasonic melting technique,full automation operation
2.Automatic working from feeding to nose-wire insert, sealing, cutting finished products. 
3.Machine frame adopts aluminum. Anti-rust, durable, easy cleaning and neat.
4. Three layers of fabric are automatically aligned and feed, and welding system use ultrasonic waves are continuously pressed.
5. The production line adopts the structure of 2ply, with high production efficiency
6. Nose clips and ear loop are automatically cut and welded by ultrasound
7. Automatic counting and palletizing after welding earbands
8. High-speed production with a production capacity of 100-110PSC per minute;
9. Modular design, convenient installation and maintenance;
10. Intelligent control, simple and convenient operation;
11. Automatic shutdown alarm for equipment abnormality, early warning of lack of materials, and intelligent guidance of human-machine interface for quick processing;
12. Appearance is made of food-grade stainless steel.
disposable mask making machine

disposable face mask prodution machine
full automatic medical face mask machine
medical face mask machine


Control system power 1 Phase 220V 50HZ
Air Pressure 0.6Mpa
Power supply 3Phase 380V 50HZ
servo motor Top quality
Control System PLC
sensor Omron, Seak
Pneumatic Components SMC Yadek
Operation screen 10 inch capacitive screen
Bearing NSK
Lead screw Hiwin
Security Safety light grid
equipment power 14KW
equipment weight About 3 Ton
Driven Ordinary motor+servo
Number of applicable layers 3-layer or 4-layer
Applicable materials PP, non-woven fabric, synthetic fiber
Processing methods Ultrasonic welding
Finished product specifications 175*95mm(or custom made size)

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