Building a face mask making production line that is contain the huge profit,Now the COVID-19 break out and more and more people are infected,these mask making equipment like a cash printer,it can help you bring a lots of money in every days. As the epidemic progresses,you will see ,wear the face mask slowly to became a normal habit.The earlier you invest, the bigger the invest a mask production line is not late now.

1 Income analysis of investment in the mask production line from scratch
2 How many masks do we need?
3 How long will the current epidemic last?
4 Can China provide masks to the world?
5 Shall we invest in the mask production line
6 How to build a mask production line?
7 What traps should be avoided when buying a mask making machine?

1.Income analysis of investment in the mask production line from scratch

1.1 Revenue from a mask production line

Current price of a mask Daily production of a mask production line(common semi-automatic type) Daily income of mask production line
About 3CNY in China About 60,000 masks About 180,000CNY
About 5USD in abroad About 60,000 masks About 300,000USD

1.2 Cost of a mask production line

One-time input costs

Mask making machine Area / 100K level cleaning workshop Technology learning
About230,000USD About 50m2, 7000USD 300USD

Continuous input costs
Goods and materials 24H inputs 24H costs
Raw material 0.1ton meltblown nonwoven fabric,
0.2ton spunbond nonwoven fabric,
Ear band, metal strip
About 6000USD
Manpower ix people, 8H each, full-day production 1280USD

Note: According to 30g/m2 of the mask material (non-woven fabric), the size of the mask is about 18cm*18cm, the output of a mask making machine is about 100K masks one day, it can be calculated that consume 0.1ton melt-blown fabric and 0.2ton spunbond non-woven fabric per 24H.

How many days is there a net profit?
The epidemic is basically stable in China, this common mask making production line, production of three-day mask, income is about 80,000USD, recoverable cost, then net profit is about 73,500USD a day. In abroad, now in the outbreak period of epidemic, mask revenue is about 300,000USD a day, can directly generate net profit, after that the daily net profit of up to 292,720USD. A day's income much more than one-time input fact,as long as your mask production line can keep running all the time, the equipment will like a cash printer,help to bring large profits in every days.

2.How many masks do we need?
medical Mask making machine
As of April 10th, 2020, except China, there are 190 countries worldwide, with a cumulative number of confirmed cases reaching 2,000,000. 86 countries of which have more than 3000 people infected.

2.1 What is the daily demand for masks

Population/area Chinese epidemic Abroad epidemic Remarks
Affected population About 1.4 billion people About 6.0 billion people _
Workers and students 800 million About 3.2 billion people One mask per person per day and at least two medical staff per day.
Home staff 600 million 2.8 billion 5~10 persons, using a mask daily
Daily demand
for masks
About 850 million masks About 3.4 billion masks About 4.2 billion masks demand a day

2.2 What is the daily supply of medical masks

Mask supply area Normal production at the beginning of the epidemic Now full produce
Masks production in China Daily production 20 million per day
About 4.5 billion a year
Daily production 250 million per day
Masks production except for China 20 million per day Not much increase,
50 million per day

As the number of infected people increases, the masks shortage has become a growing concern, about 3.9 billion. WHO says the demand for personal protective articles, such as masks, is 100 times the normal level and the price is 20 times the normal level, and this situation will be further aggravated by the widespread and inappropriate use of masks.

3.How long will the current epidemic last? 
COVID-19 time
3.1 Development of abroad epidemic situation

Time period Epidemic infections Relevant measures
2020/1/16 ~ 2020/2/1 Less than 100 cumulative cases The number of infections is low, nobody pays attention to.
2020/2/1 ~ 2020/2/19 The number of the epidemic has gradually increased from 100 to 962 Felt that the virus has a global spread tendency, but no national attention.
2020/2/19 ~ 2020/2/29 The number of epidemic rose rapidly from 962 to 6349 The epidemic began to full spread, but no country to achieve comprehensive traffic control, almost no one wearing masks.
2020/3/1 ~ 2020/3/25 A total of 190 countries, with cumulative infections of 349659, have continued to increase, with no sign of weakening. The epidemic is spreading globally, with Italy, Spain, cities around the world are closed, and several countries implement traffic controls.
….. ….. …..

3.2 How will the global epidemic evolve in the coming months
disposable face mask production machine

Comparing the epidemic development and control measures of Chinese and abroad, it is not difficult to see that at present, the foreign epidemic situation is in the rising stage, which is far from stable, let alone reduced. Zhong Nanshan, a Chinese expert on prevention and control of the epidemic, predicts that if the whole countries around the world pay attention to it, the epidemic is expected to end in June, but now seems impossible. while some national experts predict that the epidemic will last through 2021.

4.Can China provide masks to the world? 

Although China’s current epidemic is said to be gradually stable, to prevent repeated outbreaks, in daily work and life to wear masks. Because the latent incubation period of the virus is about 14 days, even there is an incubation period of about 30 days, so the Chinese will probably have to wear masks for another two months.

4.1 Current supply of masks in China

Daily supply Daily demand Daily mask gap Safety end time
120 million 850 million About 700 million June even longer
4.2 Supply and demand over the next two months
In China, if workers return to full work and students go to school, the daily mask gap will reach about 700 million, and in the next two months, the mask gap will reach about 40 billion, at least two months, China is unable to provide the world with a large number of masks.

For humanitarian reasons, China will provide other countries with a certain amount of masks and protective clothing to help their medical difficulties, but this will not solve the fundamental problem of the shortage of masks, nor prevent the further spread of the epidemic.

5 Shall we invest in the mask production line 

The global epidemic is heating up, the demand for masks is so huge, there is no doubt that if we want to control the spread of the epidemic effectively, the world needs to build a wide range of mask production lines. In China, the mask production line needs to expand, continue to increase the production of masks, abroad, to immediately build a mask production line, even two months later.

5.1 People all over the world need to build a mask line immediately

mask production enterprises

China is the largest mask manufacturer in the world, whether it is melt-blown non-woven fabric or mask products, accounting for about 50% of global production. However, in the next three months, there will be a continuing shortage of masks in China and the world, and people all over the world should immediately look for all resources, set up more mask production lines, and jointly prevent and control the epidemic situation.
5.2 Is it too late to invest now?
invest mask making production line

6.How to build a mask production line? 
A fully automatic production line includes face mask forming machines, mask ear loop welding machine, Mask edge banding machine, nose bridge insertion device and so on, different type face mask with different production process, Please click the following detailed instructions can help you.

N95 mask semi automatic production line solution

Full automatic N95 mask making production line solution

Semi automatic medical mask making production line solution

Semi automatic high speed medical mask making production line solution 

Full automatic medical mask production line solution 

7. What traps should be avoided when buying a mask making machine? 
As the global epidemic intensifies and spreads, the world is now building a large number of new mask production lines to solve the problem of mask shortage. The purchase of the mask making machine generally involves the following aspects:

Whether the mask making machine can run continuously and stably, the output, delivery period, and price of the mask making machine.
Now more and more country purchase from China,now these equipment is scarce in the market,you can see some guy want use the cheap price to cheat the customer ,but in fact,their resource is not enough, the all resource only flow to the higher priority. the result is poor assembly or no up to standard and then ready to delivery.when using for few days,the equipment only is a scrap iron.

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